how to clean grease and oil off concrete

How to clean grease and oil off concrete with minimal effort using highly concentrated sodium per carbonate, a hydrogen peroxide producing element.

Your dumpster area is a mess.You have tried everything and it still will not clean.Well there is new SAFE technology out there that will get the job done,keep your grease trap cleaner and reduce maintenance around your restaurant.

How to clean grease and oil off concrete with Simix Kitchen Degreaser

The best part is you can use  

Simix Kitchen Degreaser

in super diluted mixtures to clean and sterilize all your tables,menus,counter tops,cutting boards or virtually any surface.

For heavy duty jobs,THE SUPER BLACK DUMPSTER AREA,like the video above,you use 4 teaspoons per gallon of hot water.Let it sit on grease for fifteen minutes,lightly brush then rinse.

Now how economical is it?

Lets do the math

A bag cost 75.00. There are 250 teaspoon in a 5 pound bag.

         Make note if you buy by the case, it is 60$ a bag so even cheaper!!!

The worst scenarios like super greasy dumpster areas,will take four teaspoons(See results in video below). That is 30 cents per teaspoon or 1.20 a gallon, FOR SOMETHING THAT WORKS SAFELY.

Now the other video shows a cutting board being cleaned and sanitized.

It takes one half of a teaspoon per 32 oz to accomplish this.

That comes to 15 cents a quart.

Training video on proper dilution ratios

Now keep in mind that you can use

Simix Kitchen Degreaser on windows.You use one fourth of a teaspoon in a 32 ounce bottle and you will have great results.The video below says it all.

 you will find that

Floors Less slippery

Pipes stay cleaner

Eliminate bugs

Hoods are easier to clean

Easy to clean

No toxic chemicals

Your staff will want to clean

Grease comes off easily

Grease Traps,Pipes,Drains

Stop wasting money on


No more hydrojetting and snaking

End clogged pipes

Stop the smell

Safe for your pipes

Your own staff can do this

Cleaning Restaurant Carpets

Dirty, greasy restaurant carpets can cause foul odors and lead to negative online restaurant reviews.

But it can be hard to get them clean and keep them clean.

Simix Kitchen Degreaser is a safe, non-toxic way to get restaurant carpets clean and keep them clean with less work.

How to clean restaurant carpets

Fill carpet cleaning machine with the hottest water possible.

Put Simix in water. Use 1 small scoop per gallon for light soiling. Use 2 per gallon for heavy soil and 4 per gallon for extreme soiling.

 Clean carpets as you normally would.

Reduce Fog (Fats,Oils,and Grease) In sewer

A clean house is a healthier house

Disinfectant in St Augustine Florida