Air Conditioning Systems, Maintenance, and Energy Consumption with ceramic coatings

Air conditioning systems represent one of the largest expenses in maintaining any home or office, so naturally we want to protect this investment as the replacement cost can be astronomical, especially when dealing with industrial systems.

Now I see these HVAC systems being replaced on a regular basis because the units are not maintained. Think about it: your air conditioner runs constantly for months upon months out of the year, and this is amid all of the contaminants which are always in the air like salt, dirt particles, and tree sap.

I have seen a huge difference when treating these with ceramic coating with titanium dioxide (TiO2).

What Titanium Dioxide Does for your Air Conditioning Systems

The fundamental thing to remember about titanium dioxide is that when applied, it produces a surface that is self cleaning with nano particles of TiO2, which creates microscopic particles of hydrogen peroxide when the TiO2 reacts with sunlight through photo catalytic process. 

So what does this do? Well, it makes the surface of your HVAC systems self cleaning once the titanium dioxide is applied to it. In other words, the TiO2 stops these harmful particles from adhering to the surface of your HVAC unit, which has a two fold advantage.

What are the advantages?

Without these particles adhering to the surface of your HVAC unit, the system can function properly for much longer than it could if particles get sucked through the system. This saves on repair costs or stops the need to replace the unit. I have been using my unit for the last fourteen years while treating it and all of my neighbors have had theirs replaced here in North Florida. This is all while being exposed to constant salt air a mile from the beach and being entirely outside with no covering whatsoever. All I have done is treat the surface every two years.

In addition, the titanium dioxide application makes the unit run more efficiently, so it saves massively on energy cost. On a single ten ton unit, it was found that the application of titanium dioxide saved 20% in energy costs, resulting in a savings of $1,000 per year. Imagine if you have multiple units and multiple buildings what your savings could be?

The Results are HUGE

Case Study

SYDNEY, Australia (July 27, 2018) - Simix makes it easy to save thousands of dollars per year on air conditioning.

Our partners in Australia used Simix A/C Ceramic Coating on two air conditioners on the same building. These air conditioning units were the same make and model, installed in the same year, and doing the same work.

On a single test day in Australia's hot summer month of January, the Simix-coated unit used 9 kWh while the untreated unit used nearly three times as much energy -- 24 kWh.

Over the course of a month, the Simix-coated unit used 151 kWh while the untreated unit used 243 kWh. That's a 38% energy savings.

Our partners estimate that when Simix is used to coat all the air conditioners on a mid-size shopping center in Sydney, the annual savings would be more than $10,000 US dollars per year.

How Do You Treat It?
Treating your air conditioning systems unit is as simple as unplugging the machine, removing any cage you have, and saturating the entire unit with the titanium dioxide mixture. That's it, just spray it down and walk away. The titanium dioxide does the rest of the work. Saturation is important, because otherwise contaminants can work their way into the system near areas that were not treated.

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