Black Mold Always Comes back because you are not attacking it at the microscopic level

Black mold always comes back because you are not understanding the science.

Black mold always comes back because you are using the wrong thing to kill it.

This technology is by far the most amazing thing.

You can treat roofs, concrete, painted surfaces, or any surface that you want to remain clean.That include coquina rock,coquina siding,coquina stone and coquina stucco sometimes called shell dash stucco.

The spray is used with water,without the harsh fumes.The difference is the nano particles that penetrate and continuously produce hydrogen peroxide as long as the light and water vapor are present.Therefore the microscopic water feeds the nano particle and begins a battle with the mold.

The Titanium Dioxide always wins

Bleach feeds the mold. Bleach does not killl the root!!
Bleach: Bleach is generally not recommended as a fungicide (mold killer). It works by dousing the mold in toxic levels of a chemical. The problem is twofold: not only are humans just as susceptible to bleach’s damaging properties, but the bleach is generally a water-based solution. In the long run, this often means that water penetrates the surface, giving moisture to the roots of the mold, which happily begins to grow again.That is why mold always comes back.

black mold always comes backOC Whites St Augustine Florida Treated and looks better by the day

This is why mold always comes back.

You are never killing it in the first place. 

You need to kill it, at it's microscopic source, and the titanium dioxide will slowly and meticulously nick away at the cell wall in order to completely kill and eliminate the black mold or green algae for that matter.

As long as you have light,interior or exterior,you can stop mold

Will prevent regrowth for years and with proper understanding on how to use these products,Never see black mold anywhere.Roofs,stucco,painted surfaces.Any Surface on the planet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Self cleaning takes time.The mold took years to grow microscopically so when self cleaning to remove black mold,it is also microscopic.

If you use this product as a cleaner, it is very effective with pressure washers,cleaning greasy floors,counter tops you name it and contains N0 bleach!!!!

But if you treat a surface that constantly has mold growth,this will stop it.Gotta have UV light.

Watch how Ti02 Works

Flagler College St Augustine
This took two applications

They have black mold on a coquina  rock wall. Coquina which is made of tiny shells and mined in northeast Florida cannot be pressure washed.

This wall was treated with nano particles of titanium dioxide in a mixture of a potassium silicate coating. As you can see the mold removal was effective. Working through sunlight the Ti02 slowly nicked away at the black mold until it all finally fell off. Now the wall just stays clean.

Now see the pictures below.

Because Everything Stays Clean

Black Mold Removal on Exterior Surfaces

Espinosa Sanchez House Charlotte Street St Augustine,treated ten years ago and still clean ZERO PRESSURE WASHING
Oc Whites a Coquina Building in St Augustine Florida

No Bleach

Black Mold always comes back, Black Mold always comes back,Black Mold always comes back,Black Mold always comes back

This will work on any surface

Treated with the titanium dioxide and the mold never returns. This sign normally has to be pressure washed once a year but ten years later it remains clean.

How does it work? Through the process of photo-catalytic activity.

You see titanium dioxide in the presence of UV light and water vapor always makes hydrogen peroxide therefore always cleaning any surface that it is applied on.

Scrubbing bubbles truly hit the streets

This technology has been around since the 1970's when a Japanese scientist discovered this phenomenon.

What this means for you is if you have areas in your house office or buildings you can apply these coatings to prevent mold and algae growth.

From my experience vertical surfaces need zero maintenance while horizontal require a periodic rinse off. The reason for that is in order for the titanium dioxide to perform, UV light must come in contact with the nano particle. On horizontal surfaces debris from trees and other airborne contaminants get on top of the particles therefore preventing UV light to make contact.

Either way it will save you countless hours of maintenance cost by applying a nano coat to existing structures.

You can apply to stucco, concrete, coquina, barrel tile roof, asphalt shingles, to prevent gleocapsa magma, Vinyl siding, virtually any surface that is causing you a nightmare.

I have buildings treated that normally would be pressure washed once a year now clean 8 years plus saving the owner thousands in maintenance cost and their buildings always look great.

Black mold removal can be a long term situation with this science.

Think about the other benefits. This process cleans and eats smog. It also kills all bacteria and virus that come in contact with the surface. This is a continual process. You do not have to continually go back and retreat in order for the self cleaning and self sterilizing process to take place.

Saves countless hours and everything looks better all the time.

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