Black Mold Removal WITH TITANIUM DIOXIDE from Coquina or any other surface  

If you've ever had to deal with black mold removal, you know what a daunting task it can be.  Many a renovation project has been put on hold due to its presence. 

There are a host of health issues associated with exposure to black mold, so you'll want to be diligent about keeping your living space mold free without relying on chemicals.

That's where Simix Products offer a new approach!

Surface Treated for Black Mold

For years harsh chemicals like chlorine have been used to remove black mold with bleach being the go to product since it is readily available in our cupboard.  Unfortunately, when we use bleach to clean mold, we take the color out of the mold 'by-product' and kill most , but we don’t kill all of the mold. 

You see, the mold we visually see is actually the mold by-product, or mold excrement. Living mold is microscopic and invisible to the naked eye. (Basically the mold is having a bowel movement)

When you use bleach,you clean the excrement,but do not kill the host.

Photo catalytic Tio2 will eliminate the  Host

Cleaning with bleach typically removes 80% of the living mold so there is a place for bleach. That leaves 20% of the now invisible mold shooting out mold spores and DANGEROUS mycotoxins.

Black mold never has to even begin growing if you periodically apply thin coats of nano titanium dioxide. The ti02 is always making hydrogen peroxide, so it does not allow any microbial growth whatsoever.

For a truly clean house from top to bottom you will find that nano tio2 will keep your house safer and cleaner with periodic applications will

disinfect and prevent bacterial growth.

Why wait until your house or office building is black with mold when you can prevent it entirely? Your property will just stay clean and you will never have to deal with chlorine.

This technology is by far the most amazing thing!

You can treat roofs, concrete, painted surfaces, or any surface that you want to keep clean. That includes coquina rock, coquina siding, coquina stone, and coquina stucco (sometimes called shell dash stucco). You can also stop black mold on coral.

Coral in Florida Treated with Simix

Images below are of coral in Miami, Florida treated once a year with Simix Photocatalytic Multi Surface Cleaner.

Mold Never Grows

This product is always working because of sunlight and interior lighting. It is always making hydrogen peroxide so mold cannot come back and it disinfects all interior and exterior surfaces

Three Ways to Approach This Technology

Preventative Maintenance - Apply before mold grows

Self Cleaning - Takes 2 applications and 6 months

Apply as Pretreat before cleaning with low pressure

Ti02 Will Prevent Mold Regrowth for Years

About Self Cleaning Technology

If you are aiming for self black mold removal on a super contaminated area (lots of black mold or green algae), understands that it takes a long time.

Green algae cleans faster, but black mold has embedded itself in the structure over a very long period of time. S,o do not expect for this to work immediately.You cannot make science or physics work faster, but be patient and it does work.

Photo catalytic Ti02 always works.

If you treat a surface before it is dirty, it will just stay clean. Period.

If the surface is dirty, with black mold or green algae already, it will take a good amount of time, but ultimately the surface will be clean and stay clean.

Watch how Ti02 Works

  • Self cleaning black mold removal  takes time. The mold took years to grow microscopically so when self cleaning to remove black mold, it is also microscopic and time is needed for the product to do its job.This technology works on 
  • Asphalt shingle roofs

  • barrel tile roofs

If you use this as a cleaner, it is very effective with pressure washers and contains N0 BLEACH!!!

Concrete Treated with Simix Multi Surface cleaner

stop-black-moldFlagler College St Augustine
Cleaning CoquinaThis took two applications

There was black mold on a coquina rock wall. Coquina, which is made of tiny shells and mined in northeast Florida, cannot be pressure washed.

This wall was treated with nano particles of titanium dioxide in a mixture of a potassium silicate coating.

As you can see the mold removal was effective. Working through sunlight the Ti02 slowly nicked away at the black mold removal  until it all finally fell off. Now the wall just stays clean.

Black Mold Removal on Exterior Surfaces

Oc Whites - A Coquina Building in St Augustine Florida
Espinosa Sanchez House Charlotte Street St Augustine. Treated ten years ago and still clean. ZERO PRESSURE WASHING!
Surface Treated with Simix Self Cleaning Mold Product

cleaning-coquinaNo Bleach

Watch the process slowly clean

Just spray and walk away

After 8 months
2 years one month it is clean

This will work on any surface

Treated with the titanium dioxide and the mold never returns. This sign normally has to be pressure washed once a year but ten years later it remains clean.

How does it work? Through the process of photo-catalytic activity.

You see titanium dioxide in the presence of UV light and water vapor always makes hydrogen peroxide therefore always cleaning any surface that it is applied on.

Scrubbing bubbles truly hit the streets

This technology has been around since the 1970's when a Japanese scientist discovered this phenomenon.

What this means for you is if you have areas in your house office or buildings you can apply these coatings to prevent mold and algae growth.

From my experience vertical surfaces need zero maintenance while horizontal require a periodic rinse off. The reason for that is in order for the titanium dioxide to perform, UV light must come in contact with the nano particle. On horizontal surfaces debris from trees and other airborne contaminants get on top of the particles therefore preventing UV light to make contact.

Either way it will save you countless hours of maintenance cost by applying a nano coat to existing structures.

You can apply to stucco, concrete, coquina, barrel tile roof, asphalt shingles, to prevent gleocapsa magma, Vinyl siding, virtually any surface that is causing you a nightmare.

I have buildings treated that normally would be pressure washed once a year now clean 8 years plus saving the owner thousands in maintenance cost and their buildings always look great.

Black mold removal can be a long term situation with this science.

Think about the other benefits. This process cleans and eats smog. It also kills all bacteria and virus that come in contact with the surface. This is a continual process. You do not have to continually go back and retreat in order for the self cleaning and self sterilizing process to take place.

Saves countless hours and everything looks better all the time.

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A clean house is a healthier house

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