Building is dirty?      Treat with Ti02 and it will remain clean for years

If your Building is dirty?  You can Turn your building into a self cleaning machine.

Building is dirty?
Constantly cleaning even when you are not.

Turn your dirty building into a air cleaning atmosphere purifying machine with nano Ti02

Why not feel good longer with a easier life in the cleaning department?

Why not have Surfaces that after cleaning and treating with Ti02 become a self cleaning house..and eliminate bacteria and virus's through UV Light,and stay cleaner 20 times longer.Keeping a clean house has never been easier.

Do a google search, right now, on self cleaning buildings

and you will see what I am talking about.

From roofs to drive way pavers,if your building is dirty,ti02 can save you countless hours of maintenance

  Titanium Dioxide also creates Extraordinary Optics

In addition to its natural abundance and lack of toxicity, titanium dioxide is a popular pigment because of its optical properties—the way it interacts with light. Titanium, atomic number 22 on the Periodic Table of the Elements, contains 22 protons and electrons, making it “electron rich.” When a beam of light falls on a solid particle of titanium dioxide, the light is dramatically slowed down by the interference of titanium’s many electrons and by titanium dioxide’s unique internal arrangement of atoms 

Light really “puts on the brakes” when it encounters the atomic grid--or crystal structure--of titanium dioxide. Imagine shining a flashlight into a dark room full of mirrors. As light reflects from one mirror to the next, the entire room brightens. This is the property of titanium dioxide that makes it a wonderful pigment. It “traps” and reflects light better than almost any substance known to man. Additions of only small amounts of colorful pigments are required to develop vibrant color in this highly reflective substance.

While the UV light is being absorbed and diffracted it is cleaning everything.So if your building is dirty you can stop it with nano ti02.

Everything Stays Cleaner Longer

Years Longer on many Surfaces


I thought" self cleaning" that is nonsense,until I see it work, I don't believe it.

So they sent me down some products that they say will make buildings self cleaning. Self cleaning buildings.Yeah right! I went to some buildings here in St Augustine to give it the test.

Well 2 years later I became a believer.Now I love Science.

  All over the world there are thousands of treated buildings with building maintenance nightmares disappearing.So for a clean house this technology is a necessity.

I also became enthused and really began to study the science. I even started putting people to sleep with science talk, but I realize most of us just want the truth about a product and how can it help us or our family.

If you take a few minutes to study this information you will see many benefits for you as an everyday person.

So how does titanium dioxide help  us keep a clean house and more importantly,a germ free or at the least a more hygienic environment for our family?

Everything stays cleaner longer!! Constant hydrogen peroxide on every treated surface.

You can't see it, but it is working to kill germs as long as their is light.

It even fights global warming.

Pressure washing St augustine

Titanium Dioxide Coating on Tiles

Titanium dioxide coating on ceramic tiles is considered to be effective against bacteria, organic and inorganic materials. TiO2 kills bacteria at an extremely high rate and speed. Bacteria on the tiles are killed even faster than they can grow. Application of TiO2 coating in healthcare facilities such as hospitals can help reduce the spread of infections and its threat to patients who have a weak immune system. In offices and schools, it increases the hygienic condition, and in residential buildings, it promotes family hygiene and reduces the stress of daily cleaning.

Tiles coated with TiO2 also have a hydro-philic behavior, and this means water can form a uniform sheet over the tiles surface. This makes it easy for dirt, grease and other staining materials to be swept off using a stream of water. The hydro-philic and photo catalytic property of the TiO2 coated tiles gives them a unique self-cleaning feature and will prevent dirty buildings.

It is photo-catalytic

The videos below give explanation how Ti02 works

As long as there is UV light it is making hydrogen peroxide, and every treated surface maintains a high pH so  Microbes cannot exist  Watch video

Bleach Alternative
Paver sealing St augustine

Chlorine was the first agent of chemical warfare in WWI. Since that time it has been added to our water supply and other products used in the home. Remember as well, the dangers of chlorine inhalation increase in the shower as the heat aerosolizes the chlorine and allows it to be soaked into our skin as well as inhaled.

  •  Bleach is just plain nasty and cleaners with titanium dioxide are a better solution all the way around.
  • We all know that strong smell of bleach, and personally, I can't take it anymore.

  • A clean house has less bacteria and virus's

    As a child I remember my grandmother cleaning everything with bleach.The smell in the house was overwhelming,but supposedly it was all clean.Well just because it smells like bleach it does not mean it is a clean house.

    Scientist have developed cleaners that are safer and more effective than bleach

    Make your family safer with Titanium dioxide cleaning products.

  •   All treated surfaces are constantly sterilizing
  •  All treated surfaces stay cleaner longer
  •  Interior air quality improved
     If your building is dirty, Stop Using bleach

    The rate of the germicidal action is dependent on the intensity of the UV source,but tests show that the UV light emitted from normal domestic fluorescent lights is sufficient to sanitize a surface up to 10 metres away with an exposure time of 1 hour.

    Titanium dioxide kills Anthrax based on NASA Studies

    How about laundry. Yep you can use it there as well.Titanium dioxide makes your clothes antimicrobial. If you are out in sunlight your clothes will be constantly sterilizing.

    It cleans the air much like a tree does. If your building is dirty,you can turn your property into a air purifying machine.

    Now I know that titanium dioxide sterilizes everything that it is applied to.

    It kills black mold and prevents it from regrowing. How would you like self cleaning windows? Well it is being done with nano titanium dioxide,and I see the windows on my house and they pop.A clean window is part of a clean house.

    Want to eliminate urine smell in bathrooms?

    How about self cleaning gravestones?

    Black Mold on Barrel Tiles

    or Asphalt Shingles

    Amazing floor de-greaser

    Great for exercise equipment

    Seal your pavers

    Greatly Reduce HAI

    Stop color loss on drive way pavers

    It really blows me away.I think to myself I can treat everything and have constant little soldiers attacking the bacteria and virus that are attempting to screw up my day. The Navy Seals of antimicrobial activity. They never stop fighting.  Constantly working as long as the lights are on. Well I have treated all my counter tops, showers, walls you name it.I have a clean house

    I am not a scientist  but plenty of research proves the facts.Titanium dioxide works. Don't take my word for it check out Wikipedia.

    When I watch black mold slowly disappear then I know something's cleaning it.

    That 's why I like the fact that my house is always generating an air cleaning,germ killing,mold eating process and keeping my family safer in the process

    A clean house saves water. Read below

    NASA Technology Photo catalytic Solutions Create Self-Cleaning Surfaces

    A clean house that filters the air around us

    Hazy smog over cities and smoke pouring from the stacks of factories and power plants are visible reminders of the threat posed by air pollution to the environment and personal health. But air quality is often an unseen influence on our lives. Even on clear days, the air can be rife with particulate matter and other irritants that can trigger everything from minor allergies to life-threatening asthma attacks and other respiratory ailments. Indoors—where we spend as much as 90 percent of our time—pollutant levels can be 2–50 times higher than outdoors. The World Health Organization estimates that urban outdoor air pollution causes 1.3 million deaths worldwide per year, while in developing countries, indoor air pollution causes an estimated 2 million premature deaths.

    Fortunately, there may be an equally invisible solution for reducing the damage air pollution causes—not only to people, but to buildings and infrastructure as well.

    NASA has explored the beneficial applications of a process called photo catalysis for use both in space and on Earth. Photo catalysis is essentially the opposite of photosynthesis, the process used by plants to create energy. In photo catalysis, light energizes a mineral, triggering chemical reactions that result in the breakdown of organic matter at the molecular level, producing primarily carbon dioxide and water as byproducts.

    NASA has studied the benefits of photo catalysis for purifying water during space missions, and plant growth chambers featuring photo catalytic scrubbers have flown on multiple NASA missions, using the photo catalytic process to preserve the space-grown crops by eliminating the rot-inducing chemical ethylene. (The scrubber technology resulted in a unique air purifier, featured in Spinoff 2009, now preserving produce and sanitizing operating rooms on Earth.)

    Lauren Underwood, a senior research scientist at Stennis Space Center, began studying photocatalytic materials as part of a NASA partnership with the US Department of Homeland Security, which was investigating the materials for multiple applications, including protecting infrastructures against terrorism threats. From NASA’s perspective, Underwood explains, “We don’t want to introduce anything into space that could be potentially harmful. This is a future promising application of these materials—to keep surfaces not only clean, but potentially germ free.”

    Intrigued by the technology’s potential, Underwood saw a way for photo catalytic materials to provide benefits for NASA on Earth, as well.

    “At Stennis, we have a lot of buildings and facilities that are primarily white, and there are maintenance costs associated with keeping these buildings clean,” Underwood says. She began testing photo catalytic materials as a valid solution for reducing these maintenance costs—with an eye not only for potential NASA benefits, but for the greater public as well.For a clean house that is really a clean house, Ti02 is a necessity.

    Read the article below about ti02

    A clean house is a healthier house