Self Cleaning Building Materials

Building materials have come a long way and are always improving.

One of the latest things to come along are self cleaning buildings using titanium dioxide.

It works through the process of photo-catalyst.You can have a cleaner house or building by simply applying these nano particles to any existing structure.

Black mold removal is no longer a problem because black mold cannot grow as long as there is UV light.

These videos below explains the basics of photo-catalysis

Building Materials of the Future

Alcoa is now producing self cleaning building panels.

This technology makes so much sense because it eliminates the need to pressure wash your buildings, saving thousands of hours over the years which equates to  money in your pocket. The best Preventative Maintenance program on the planet.

One beautiful thing is it eliminates the use of bleach or chlorine which is one of the most harmful chemicals for the environment not to mention harmful to humans. You know when you get a whiff of chlorine how it causes breathing problems. Bleach is just nasty stuff.

Nothing like watching all your plants die after someone uses bleach to clean your house.

Not only does the surface stay clean but these coatings make painted surfaces stay in pristine shape eliminating chalking and maintaining the color of the paint.

A great byproduct is these  materials also clean the air through the process of photo-catalysis.

Some of the largest companies in the world are moving toward this technology because the economics and environmental benefits are too large to ignore.

Pittsburgh Paint and Glass in the United States and Pilkington in the United Kingdom both offer Self Cleaning Windows.

I have been using These coatings here in the US for my existing windows and buildings.

I have eliminated my pressure washing hassles and my windows stay incredibly clean. Titanium dioxide is the real deal and if you want to save money and keep your properties looking great, whether existing or new construction you should look into these materials.

How about never stripping your floors again.

I always say that I will believe when I see it. Well obviously I believe it or I wouldn't be writing this.

There are large opportunities opening in this area.I know of several contractors treating hundreds of thousands of square feet of roofing with this technology

To recap

  • Self cleaning materials keep everything clean
  • They are cleaning the air
  • They are sterilizing everything
  • They save water( No pressure Washing)
  • They eliminate the need for bleach
  • They stop paint fade 

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