Car Cleaning Supplies to save you money

 This All Purpose Cleaner is incredible for cleaning anything.I use it in auto detailing to clean everything from carpets to leather, bug removal and light brake great on removing womans  make up from steering wheel, switches ,gear shift,you name it Simix cleans it
Look at the results on make up below            

Safe on leather video below

New Label makes 516 32 ounce bottles

Awesome on Love Bugs
How about bugs on the front of the car. One teaspoon in a 32 ounce bottle and it is actually incredible for removing bugs. How about carpets. Look at the results below
I used a simple shop vac,I sprayed the area with Simix All Purpose cleaner ,added some water ,scrubbed with a brush and extracted. I have saved hundreds of dollars on all purpose cleaner over the years since using this product.

How about carpets. Look at the results below

Car Cleaning Supplies to Sterilize

I used a simple shop vac, I sprayed the area with Simix All Purpose cleaner, added some water, scrubbed with a brush and extracted.

How Does It Sterilize
I also mentioned it sterilizes everything. Problem: Viruses and bacteria on surfaces .Solution: Simix Multi-Surface Coatings and Cleaners. Why does Simix work? It’s all in the pH. You can learn more about pH here, but here are the basics :The pH scale measures how acidic or basic a substance is and ranges from 0 to 14.Microbes need an environment that includes nutrients, temperature and a certain pH range


 Most microbes like a pH of 6 to 8. They can’t live in environments that are below 4.8 or above 9.2.That’s why Simix Multi-Surface Cleaning maintains a permanent pH greater than 11. And while most cleaning products are pH neutral, Simix Cleaner has a pH greater than 12. With these two products, you can easily maintain a clean environment that does not support microbial growth. Make note. The video calls the product Oxi One but the name has since been changed to  All Purpose Cleaner This product also contains nano particles of titanium dioxide and this is some incredible stuff. Titanium dioxide is actually photo catalytic and works well on car interiors for smoke odor removal. Lets recap It cleans carpets.It cleans leather It cleans make upIt removes smoke odor It cleans bugs It sterilizes It is environmentally friendly It is economical Less than a dollar a gallon

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