Car Detailing and TiO2

Car Detailing and Titanium Dioxide

When I first heard the words titanium dioxide, it came out of the mouth of a scientist. He approached me with a product that he had developed. I have been in the Automobile, yacht, motorcycle and aircraft detailing business for twenty seven years. Now when I say twenty seven years I mean hands on day to day experience. I tried to hire guys to take over on the labor end of it but found that it takes a while to train a guy to do it right, so every day for a long time I have had my hand on some sort of vehicle. Bottom line when it comes to  car detailing and making ANY vehicle look it's best, I know what it takes.
Well I have seen my fair share of New Products. Every year the distributor would come around with something that was supposed to be revolutionary only to realize it was only recycled technology.
What did I Do?
Bottom line I settled in on Meguiars, 3M and Auto magic products and still use these products in one form or another. There are a million different brands out there and you can go crazy trying to figure out the right product for the right situation. After all my years experience it is now second nature but it took years to get there. In all honesty like every other car detailer, I know we are always looking for the next product that is going to bring the bling. A good detailer is always searching for the best. The best for them and the customer.
So I tried the new Product.    Visit my My detailing website
He gave it to me in a gallon jug unlabeled. When I try a car detailing product out, I don't waste time. I go directly to a black car. Black cars give you the whole story out of the gate. If it works on black it works on everything, including matte paint.

So I call one of my body shop techs, whom I have known for thirty years, to meet me with his Ford Cobra. He showed up with a six pack and we proceeded to check out the new miracle shit.
Holy Crap
When we laid down our first pass on the hood with a mist and a micro fiber cloth we looked at each other with amazement. We couldn't believe it. This stuff popped. First question? Does it have any petroleum distillates. Does it have any silicons? Body shop safe is important.
So I called the scientist and there were no silicons or petroleum distillates. So what was it? He told me it was SI02 technology with Tio2 nano particles. Okay I am lost at that point but bottom line this shit was the bomb. The Ti02 was titanium dioxide. The product is Simix Supreme Shield
I needed an Education on Ti02.
I asked the scientist about the titanium dioxide and he explained that it was photo catalytic. It reacted with the sun to make hydrogen peroxide. It is also the most reflective element on the planet. So any area where this product is applied it is always self cleaning. Here is what i discovered. It works. Everything that i treat stays cleaner longer. Simply the best exterior and interior car detailing product on the planet.

Car Detailing Germs and TiO2

It kills germs in cars
It makes glass self cleaning
It eliminates smoke odor in cars It sterilizes everything
So effective it will kill anthrax
Combined with the SIO2 technology, nothing sticks to it on the exterior or interior of the vehicle
It last longer and is easier to apply than any thing I have ever tried in the car detailing business. This scientist had been in the coating industry and he accidentally discovered this coating while playing around with something to do with nano particle manipulation. Any how he is applying this coating to  and it just happens to work on car detailing, motorcycles planes and boats. Titanium Dioxide truly is incredible when it comes to car detailing.

Technical Explanation below

Technical Explanation Below
Self Cleaning NP Technology Organic Matter Oxidization Utilizing titanium dioxide Nano Particles as the Catalyst in Simix’s Reactive Cured Ceramic Surface Treatment Titanium Dioxide ( TiO2) while absorbing Ultra Violet Light (UV) in the presence of Water/Vapor Molecules (H2O) and Oxygen converts the H2O into Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) that will destroy Organic Compounds without destroying the TiO2, which itself remains unchanged. In essence with the addition of the TiO2 into the Reactive Cured Ceramic Surface Treatment, we have created a Permanent Oxidizing Generator that only needs UV Light to continue to work providing Oxygen and Water/Water Vapor comes in contact with the surface of the Titanium dioxide. Organic compounds are broken down into Carbon Dioxide and Water while the Nitrogen Oxides, which are emitted in the burning of fossil fuels and create smog when combined with volatile organic compounds, yield Nitrate Salts. To date, this technology has not been economically commercialized for building materials applications for several reasons. First, up and until a few years ago, the producers of TiO2 were only able to make Micron and Macro size particles. It is only recently that very small or Nano size particles have been available. Key here is that each particle regardless of size can only create so much activity or catalytic effect, therefore if you could have 20 particles in the same area where you once had just one large particle you will now have 20 times more activity. Second, if you want this process to work at the interface and on the surface of the Surface Treatment/Coating, you needed to suspend these particles in an Inorganic Clear Coating that would not be destroyed by the process that will be destroying the Organic Matter. Third, you had to figure out how to make a coating that would bond to the substrate and allow Water/Water Vapor and Oxygen to come in contact with the TiO2. See paper describing Simix Reactive Cured Ceramic Technology to better understand how this Surface Treatment ties all of this together. The first known patent describing these phenomena came out of NASA in 1972. Since that date there have been over 500 patents issued on this same subject but none of them have resulted in a user friendly product due to the above reasons. In laboratories around the world they have collectively proven the ability of this process to Oxidize Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, purify water, breakdown oil and for other general hygienic applications. Once this Surface Treatment/Coating cures it can not go back to a soluble state and has the ability to allow water vapor to pass through it in a controllable manner. It has been observed that when this Surface Treatment/Coating is applied to an Algae or Mold covered surface the photo catalytic effect takes place resulting in Oxidization of the Organic Matter trapped under the coating. In addition, no future Microbial Growth will occur at the substrate or on the surface of the coating as long as the surface is kept free and clear of dirt and debris.

A clean house is a healthier house

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