Ceramic Coatings for Your House 9H Hardness

Make your paint last for years longer with these coatings

These liquid ceramics are easy to apply

Ceramic Coatings For Your House Are The Best Protection For The Minimal Investment.You Can Treat A Typical 3 Bedroom House For Less Than 500 Dollars In Materials.

Vitreous Coatings Are Formulated To Be Resistant To A Variety Of Reagents, From Acids To Hot Water To Alkalies, As Well As To Essentially All Organic Media.A Homes Surfaces Deteriorate With Time, Painted Surfaces Lose Their Glossy Look With Constant Exposure To Heat, Light And Environment, 


These COATINGS ARE AN ALTERNATIVE TO Organic Or Polymer Based Coatings For Selected Surface Coating Applications. When Protecting A Surface, It Is Usually Less Expensive To Use Organic Coatings Rather Than Other Materials Such As Ceramic Coatings. However, Organic Paints Have Limitations And Will Not Meet All Service Requirements. Though More Expensive, In most cases,

Simix has made it economically viable.

To Solve All Of These Problems, We Are Presenting You Simix Multi Surface

Ceramic Coatings For Your House

These Reasons For Selecting A Ceramic Coating In Preference To An Organic Paint Include Rendering The Surface More Chemically Inert, Impervious To Liquids And Gases, More Readily Cleanable, And More Resistant To Service Temperature, Abrasion, And Scratching. The Chemical Durability Of Ceramic Coatings In Service Substantially Exceeds That Of Organic Paints [2].

Watch how simple it is to Apply

Ceramic coatings for your house include nano titanium dioxide for self cleaning properties

A homes surfaces deteriorate with time, painted surfaces lose their glossy look with constant exposure to heat, light and environment, a boat’s hull gets rusted, a motorbike can easily lose its charm as its paint-job faces dust and scratches, glass surfaces can become dull and lose their transparency 
To solve all of these problems, we are presenting you

Simix Exterior

Ceramic coatings for your house

  A coating that promises gloss and cleanliness, both under the same economic package that lasts a long time and can be used around the home.

SO WHAT IS IT?  Simix  is not your everyday thin layered polish. It is a ceramic coating that acts like an extra layer of glass with its own hardness(9H) and thickness so instead of simply protecting the surface from the effects of heat and corrosion which it does very effectively indeed, it will also provide resilience to scratching, repel water, dust and dirt and clean the surface constantly.

ALL-ROUNDER: Unlike your everyday just-for-one-job THE SIMIX Ceramic Coating,  is an all-rounder that will protect from the elements.    


These Concrete Steps Treated in 2008 .Look how the untreated side continues to get worse and the Treated side gets better

Works with the Sun
Treated Surfaces Stay Clean


Ceramic coatings for your house can be used everywhere
Everything stays clean longer

This sign usually pressure washed once a year has been clean for 13 years

Twenty dollars in materials

This sign in St Augustine Florida had to be pressure washed Every year

It has been 18 years and zero pressure washing.The best part is it cost about 20 dollars to treat it with Simix photo-catalytic ceramic coating

Ceramic coatings  are always self cleaning

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A clean house is a healthier house

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