What are ceramic Coatings?

Ceramic Coatings are super hard coatings that when applied to any surface develop a shield fro the elements to maintain a cleaner surface and easier to maintain substrate.

NASA and Ceramic Coatings

Nasa has been working with ceramic coatings for years.Looking for ways to protect spacecraft from UV light and to protect engine parts

Advancing Ceramic Coatings for Engine Life and Efficiency

Materials Research Engineer Bryan Harder examines coatings deposited on silicon carbide parts in the Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition Rig at NASA Glenn.Credits: NASAAdvancing the efficiency of aircraft engines can be improved significantly by increasing the temperature at which they operate.  Engine components today are made of super alloys, but operating conditions take these materials to their fundamental limits.  In order to further improve fuel efficiency, a new class of ceramic materials made from silicon carbide, are being incorporated into engines. These materials are lighter and can withstand higher temperatures than the super alloys being used today.  However, these ceramics erode in combustion environments due to the presence of water vapor.To solve this problem, scientists and engineers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center have pioneered a process that applies thin, smooth ceramic coating materials to protect the silicon carbide parts.It all happens in the Plasma Spray-Physical Vapor Deposition Rig, a 10 by 6 foot stainless steel chamber.  Materials Research Engineer Bryan Harder explains how it works. “The torch creates a high-powered plasma that vaporizes ceramic material and deposits it onto parts very precisely to create durable, long-lasting coatings to protect the components from environmental attack.”

  • Now anybody can apply a ceramic coating to literally anything that they own from counter tops 
  • cars 
  • floors
  • shower stalls 
  • stucco
  • wood
  • marble

The list goes on and on

Why would you want to use ceramic coatings?

Simply stated, ceramic coatings make everything look better, stay cleaner longer(they offer a self cleaning effect) that disinfects surfaces and protect your valuable assets from environmental damage.

The technology has progressed to include, believe it or not water based formulas that offer incredible protection and for do it your self people, any one can apply these coatings.

Technology has come a long way .We have been used to using wax to protect our cars our floors in hospitals and department stores, but ceramic never strip coatings are the wave of the future for protection from the elements.

Your car can resist bug and road damage like never before.


Are ceramic coatings expensive?

A clean house is a healthier house

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