Cleaning Supplies that do it all

Cleaning supplies are part of our everyday life.

Whether you’re a new homeowner ready to outfit your cleaning cabinet, or a busy family looking for the cleaning supplies that can handle any mess that comes your way,  We know that a clean home is peace-of-mind.

We also care about safety, economy and effectiveness when using our cleaning supplies.

Well  years ago I got connected with a company that impressed me enough to take the time to tell others about it.

I have been using this for sixteen years with incredible results.

Not only is it effective but super inexpensive. One five pound bag will make 400 gallons of incredible all purpose cleaner. That is about 10 cents a gallon.

I use it mainly in my automobile, aircraft, and boat detailing business

But you can use it around the house to clean everything including laundry.

The laundry literally takes one teaspoon per load and yes it is okay for HE machines.

Forget bleach because this stuff is safer and more economical.

It will clean counter tops, showers, floors, and carpets. If you can get water on it you can use this hydrogen peroxide producing  cleaning product.

It will clean, disinfect and sanitize.

It is constantly working and microbes cannot exist

because of a high ph and photocatalytic activity always disinfecting.

One thing that I know it does is kill all germs when it makes contact with the bacteria or germ. The best part is it leaves a residual titanium dioxide which works non-stop, It is photo-catalytic so as long as there is  UV light around it is making H2o2.

So one product for all of your cleaning supplies needs

The numbers are the facts

In the videos below it shows the sterilization capabilities of the product.  The bottom line is it does the job

Cleaning supplies can be expensive but this one is ten cents a quart and one of the

best cleaners in the world

Best Cleaning Product for Make up

In my business make up on steering wheels, turn signals, and the gear shift is a nightmare. It is like concrete and use to be hard to remove. Now with this product it is a cake walk

Here is before

Here is after

Now that is some hard core makeup. It would usually take a half hour with brushes and scrubbing, but with the Simix cleaning product, I sprayed, let it sit for sixty seconds and BAM, that bad boy was clean.

Carpets have the same results. One teaspoon dissolved in a thirty two ounce bottle of water, and well the results are obvious.

How about a cleaning product for ink stains

Greasy oil covered pavers

Smoke Odor Removal

How about smoke odor? This cleaning product will not only be used to clean the interior, but it will leave invisible photo-catalytic nano particles on the surface to keep working.

Smoke odor removal is simple if you know how to do it. Smoke odor permeates fabric and coats hard surfaces with a brown film that retains the scent. The smell is offensive to many nonsmokers, and this is one of the main reasons why many nonsmokers do not allow smoking in their vehicles. Unfortunately, used vehicles sometimes come equipped with the odor of cigarette smoke, and it can be difficult to know how to get rid of the smell. It is possible to get rid of the smell in a car, and the most effective ways are completely natural.

Do not waste your money on commercial products that claim to neutralize or completely get rid of the smell of in a car. In order for removal to take place from your car it must be completely shampooed and all interior components cleaned. The way that I deal with it is a completely natural process. Once the interior is cleaned, I treat the entire cabin with Simix Multi surface Cleaner.

It contains titanium dioxide. Of course you are saying to your self "What is Titanium dioxide? It is actually the eighth most common element on the planet. It is used for colorant in foods and makeup. Next time you pick up some sun block or powdered donuts look at the ingredients. You will see titanium dioxide is one of them. So why use it to eliminate the offensive smell? Tio2 is photo catalytic, which means it reacts with sunlight to create hydrogen peroxide. In essence the hydrogen peroxide attacks the odor and kills it completely. It also kills bacteria and viruses. Over the years I have used all kinds of eliminators but nothing works like the Tio2. It keeps working constantly as long as there is light and works for upwards of two years. I have treated over a thousand vehicles in the last nine years with titanium dioxide and have had a one hundred percent success rate. It also is the best Ultraviolet protection for the interior of your vehicle, and the exterior for that matter. 
It is safe and works on pet odors. You also will have to change your Air conditioning cabin Filter to completely rid your vehicle of the odor. Watch the video below to get an idea of how this works -Other uses around your house or business

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