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dirty-windowsTreated with hydro-phobic coating
dirty-windowsHydrophobic Coatings

We've started to hear a lot about dirty windows and self cleaning windows in every day uses.

Pilkington self cleaning windows and Renew by Virdian Glass  are manufactured with nano Tio2 in the glass,but it is now possible to make any window self cleaning by applying the coating to your windows and it is super inexpensive.

We all know the difficulty in keeping windows clean. Glass can be difficult to reach, it is expensive to hire a window cleaner, and we simply do not have the time to do it as regularly as cleaning is needed. In addition, the environment plays a huge part in the buildup of filth on your windows, including the presence of dirt particles, salt air, and other foreign contaminants.

This is by no means limited to the exterior dirty windows only. On the interior, dirty windows are subject to a constant coating of microscopic grease and grime, which is attached to dust particles in your home. No matter how clean you keep your house, this film will attach to your windows, and will in turn cause unsightly conditions of your windows over time.There is no way to stop these dust particles from being in your home, so the answer is to coat your windows with a hydrophobic coating of TiO2.

So as beautiful as your view might be out of your windows, you cannot enjoy it properly if you have dirty windows. An application of titanium dioxide will help solve this problem and turn your glass into self cleaning windows, leaving your surfaces cleaner and clearer than ever before.

Are self cleaning windows perfect? NO

The one thing that I observed was around sprinkler systems the windows took more maintenance, but all the other windows stayed clean for very long periods.I eventually had to physically clean the dirty windows,but they stayed cleaner much longer.

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Dealing with dirty windows

How Do Self Cleaning Windows Work?

When Titanium dioxide is applied to the window surface, it produces a photo catalytic reaction to the sun and constantly produces molecules of hydrogen peroxide. What this means that as long as the sun is shining, then the titanium dioxide is reacting on the surface to create self cleaning windows. I have observed an additional nine months of effectiveness using titanium dioxide as opposed to standard treated glass. Here in Florida the salt from the ocean front windows never attaches, so we don't have to deal with that hazy residue that we all hate. Dust, dirt, and grime simply will not stick. The only thing that it will not stop is hard water buildup from a sprinkler system, as those compounds are deeply penetrative and require a different chemical to remove properly.You will notice water start to bead off of your windows after the TiO2 has been applied, this is a great indicator that the process is working.
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Self Cleaning Window Application

The process couldn't be easier. Simply clean the window you wish to treat with vinegar and then apply a misting titanium dioxide nano spray, then buff with a microfiber cloth. As long as there is ultraviolet light (the good old sun) then the TiO2 will be making hydrogen peroxide to keep your windows clean. After application, you can test your surface by spraying it with water to see if water beads off of the surface. If it is beading off, then the surface has been effectively treated. It is easy to possibly miss a few spots, so simply apply again in the areas where water does not bead off and your surface will then be adequately treated.
Not only is it self cleaning, it is also highly sterilizing. Just think about it: hydrogen peroxide is known for its sterilizing capabilities in every day uses, so why not have that on your surface constantly cleaning and sterilizing too? As the TiO2 reacts with ultra violet light, it produces the hydrogen peroxide on a constant basis, making the surface you are applying it to self-sterilizing as well. You can apply it to your shower stall to prevent black mold growth, or to counter tops in the kitchen to defend against bacterial agents which arise from food production. I have found titanium dioxide to be far more effective than any typical household cleaner which defends against mold and bacteria, and this includes bleach, which nobody wants to use. Titanium dioxide will not leave behind a toxic stench and it will not cause damage to clothing or other colored surfaces like bleach. Just like with the window treatment, the sterilization properties last months longer than your standard household products.

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A clean house is a healthier house

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