Environment Protection

Environment protection is of course a huge issue in our present day world. With out question we need to do our part in any way that we can. We are constantly hearing about global warming and the dangers of carbon emissions. Whether we believe it or not, doesn't it make sense that we should think about helping the environment in which we live. No one likes seeing garbage on the side of the road or in our waterways. Just because we can't see carbon in the air doesn't mean it's not there.

I live in an area that the air always looks clean but if you live in China or Los Angeles you know all to well about smog. Smog is destroying our air supply.

Nine years ago I discovered the magic of nano particles of titanium dioxide. Now of course I am no scientist but just a guy where seeing is believing.

Environment Protection and your car

When a scientist approached me nine years ago to check out a car care product that he had developed I blew him off.

You see, every year, every car care distributor always has some new product and as I learned over the years it was always some recycled technology. This guy had an impressive background in nano molecular manipulation so I tried his product.

Damn I was blown away and still use his stuff exclusively.

So how does his product offer help for the environment?

It contains titanium dioxide and titanium dioxide is photo catalytic.

Once again in all honesty I hated science and actually had to look that word up. I did not want to look like an idiot.

Well the more I studied this photo catalytic thing I became more impressed.

Titanium dioxide actually cleans smog out of the air as it works. There is now a huge movement toward applying these nano particles to buildings (which I have done) to make the building self cleaning. The buildings do stay clean for incredible amounts of time.

I also apply these particles to automobiles and they stay cleaner way longer. They also remove smoke odor from the interior of cars and while they work are also sterilizing every surface that they are present.

Now that helps the because you no longer have to pressure wash these surfaces saving millions of gallons of water on all the treated surfaces. They also do not have to use the chlorine to clean these areas so that helps

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