Reduce your susceptibility
h1n1 virus


The battle is on in the fight against the h1n1 virus. You know when you are in a war you should use every tactic to protect your self and your family.

Do your self a favor and treat everything in your life with this invisible nano coating that constantly is protecting your family from not only h1 virus but every other virus or bacterium in your life.

It 's like a invisible security system that fights to keep you safe from these microscopic terrorists.

When you think about it  virus is like a little demon coming to mess your day up or God forbid kill you.

Shouldn't you take precautions against h1n1 virus?

Shouldn't you take precautions?

You can with titanium dioxide. It does take a little work but well worth it if you can kill just one bug or  virus simply by treating a counter top or your baby' s crib rail and prevent a trip to the hospital.

Speaking of hospitals this technology should be in every hospital to prevent the hundreds of thousands of bacterial and viral deaths that happen every year. Deaths in hospitals from acquired infections are in the one hundred thousand range per year.

It is proven over and over again that treated surfaces kill germs bacteria and virus full time in hospital settings.

Usually for about twenty bucks you can get enough of this coating to treat one thousand square feet.

They are treating surfaces all over the world with this technology from hospitals to daycare centers schools and the list goes on.

I get mine from Simix Solutions, a pioneer in the industry.

I believe they are striking a deal with PPG a large multi billion dollar corporation for licensing rights

But you can contact the company directly to purchase or they will refer you to a distributor.

  1. Either way it makes sense to treat everything.It stays cleaner longer,it looks better it saves time it saves money
  2. It keeps your family safer
  3. It does not allow mold to grow
  4. It cleans the air
  5. Can be applied on virtually any surface
  6. Reduces the need for bleach
  7. Everything stays cleaner longer

It only makes sense. Sure most of us clean or disinfect counter tops two to three times a week. Why not have a constant sentry on lookout in between cleaning days.

I know myself and hundreds of other people that are enjoying the peace of mind of  an h1n1 virus free zone.

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