H2O2 With Sunlight

h2o2  or as we non scientific types call it hydrogen peroxide can be naturally produced through sunlight.

H2O2  or as we non scientific types call it hydrogen peroxide can be naturally produced through sunlight. How does that work you ask?

Well since the nineteen seventy's it has been known that ti02  (titanium dioxide) produces hydrogen peroxide when exposed to UV light and water vapor and humidity in the air.

Hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidizer and effective on killing all forms of bacteria and virus.

h2o2 and titanium dioxide

First lets deal with titanium dioxide. When I first heard the words I assumed it was some sort of dangerous chemical to be avoided at all cost. Little did I know I had that morning rubbed it all over my face, brushed my teeth with it and was eating it while I was learning about it.

You see a scientist had called me because he wanted to try to get me to test out this new coating in my detailing business in St Augustine Florida.

We met at a Donut shop and  and I was eating a powdered one. Titanium dioxide is a colorant in white powdered donuts. It was also in the sunblock on my face and the toothpaste that I brushed my teeth with that morning. Hell I've been using this stuff from the get go for my whole life.

When I painted my house titanium dioxide was in the paint.

When he said titanium dioxide I thought the guy was trying to get me involved with some hard core poisonous shit. This particular scientist was known around my town as somewhat a madman and genius all at the same time.

He insisted that he had something that would make my life easier and he wanted me to test it out.

First of all I will not use anything on my customers cars, boats or planes that is not the best. That is how I have maintained a thriving detailing business for twenty five years. I do quality work with quality products.

So I ask "How is this going to help me"

The mad man explains he has developed a coating that contains nano titanium dioxide and it will make my customers vehicles stay cleaner longer through photo-catalytic activity. There he goes again with that science crap again. He explained the process and it made sense but would it work.

I began testing on a black car because that always tells the whole story QUICKLY. Black vehicles are the hardest to clean and keep clean. Well guess what. The shit worked far and above my expectations and I use his product exclusively. If it did not work why would I build a whole website about titanium dioxide.

I treated half of the car and watched the treated side stay clean while the other half continued to get dirty.

It goes on and on as to how many of my customers have literally called me about their cars or boats and they are blown away.

Trips to the gulf stream and a quick rinse on the boat and that's all it takes. Cars that stay incredibly clean. Bugs do not stick.

So if you want to save yourself time and money check it out.h2o2

My life is so much easier because the coating to deliver the nano particles to the surface is so easy to apply it saves me time and makes the vehicles look incredible.

Plus because of the hydrogen peroxide production I treat interior of cars and customers cars will be antimicrobial. Pretty darn cool I say. If you want to try the product out visit my site.Click the self cleaning window link and buy a bottle for twenty bucks.

A clean house is a healthier house

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