Household Disinfectant

For a highly effective household disinfectant you should consider hydrogen peroxide with Ti02

Numbers say it all

You can sterilize anything and fight and destroy coronaviruses and other germs

with high ph and photo catalytic technology.

Powdered Dilutable Hydrogen peroxide is ten cents a quart

This is a one two punch,  and for around ten cents a quart.

‏Why Clean & Disinfect with Hydrogen Peroxide and Ti02‏

  • ‏Hydrogen peroxide is a powerful chemical that has disinfectant, antiviral and antibacterial properties.‏
  • ‏It has the strength to kill all bacteria, including staph, and viruses such as the H1N1 virus, SARS, and coronavirus. ‏
  • ‏It also kills mold and mildew. It’s more effective than chlorine bleach at reaching and killing mold on porous surfaces.‏
  • ‏It serves as a brilliant multi-purpose disinfecting cleaner that can be used all around the home to clean on multiple surfaces and materials.‏
  • ‏It’s one of the safest and most natural cleaning products and is free from dangerous, toxic chemicals. This means it won’t damage the environment or pollute the air and carries no risk of causing cancer.‏
  • ‏It’s also extremely affordable and serves as a superb budget cleaning solution.
  • Ti02 Never stops working as long as UV light is available (Photocatalytic)

Learn about hydrogen peroxide to disinfect from the Center for Disease Control

Check out these videos with ATP MONITORS
Sterilize Anything

These monitors measure for bacteria and virus's

Now after initially cleaning any surface you will leave behind nano particles of titanium oxide that is always making hydrogen peroxide as long as there is UV light available.

These nano particles are constantly on guard and attacking any type of bacterial or viral contamination through photo-catalysis making it a superior Household and office  disinfectant

 Watch the video below to learn more.

I have been using the products from inception of the company in my business in Florida. I have hundreds of contractors and general public who keep re-purchasing which tells me it works.

Cleaner Surfaces

Cleaner Air

All of this for ten cents a quart as a household disinfectant

Simix Kitchen Degreaser, a dilutable powder that can clean and sanitize virtually everything from floors to laundry, cell phones, car interiors ,counter tops ,you name it.

A truly good and safe household disinfectant and hospital product

Since 2004 Simix has been using their technology to improve the appearance of major sports  stadiums to mom and pop American small business.

Not just cleaners but ceramic coatings that make every surface a self cleaning sterile surface.

How does Simix fight and destroy coronaviruses and other germs?
​Simix fights and destroys coronaviruses by sanitizing surfaces and leaving a safe, permanent, high pH. A surface with a high pH is hostile to microbes and viruses.

Simix-Coated and Cleaned Floors Stop Viruses From Spreading
Using  Simix on your floors will give you two lines of defense against the spread of dangerous coronaviruses.

First, when you use Simix, you do not need to burnish. Thus, you stop spreading dangerous viruses into the air.

Second, Simix Coating and Simix Degreaser leave a permanent, safe, high pH on floors. Viruses and germs cannot live in a high pH environment.

Simix-Coated and Sanitized Surfaces Stop Viruses from Spreading 
​Simix Degreaser and Simix Cleaner sanitize and disinfect wood, steel and plastic high-touch surfaces, keeping your staff, customers, patients and students healthy.

Using Simix Coating to sanitize those surfaces leaves a permanent, safe, high pH, giving you an additional level of safety.

Simix A/C Ceramic Coating Fights Bacteria and Viruses in the Air
Simix A/C Ceramic Coating is sprayed on HVAC systems. It creates a permanent, safe, high pH that is destroys  bacteria and viruses including legionella (Legionnaires) and coronaviruses.

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