HVAC Chiller Ceramic Coatings and Titanium Dioxide

Your HVAC chiller consumes more energy simply because the fins and coils become clogged with dirt and debris.

The fins and coils are also unprotected therefore they corrode and your investment is slowly eaten away especially in salt air environments.

Treating your hvac chiller will not only make it last years longer but your electric bill will drop dramatically. See video and chart  below.

Incredible energy savings for HVAC

Here the inventor explains the technology

Stops corrosion on HVAC

If you are in a salt environment, say along coastal areas in the US, or possibly all the salt they use up north during the winter, you probably are going to see your ac unit deteriorate quicker unless you protect the fins and coils.

HVAC corrosion in the United Arab Emirates must be rampant. They are surrounded by salt water as well high salt content in the sand. A recipe for corrosion.

HVAC Chiller Application Process

Now you are asking what is it that makes these units operate so well.

It is the nano particle titanium dioxide coating that is applied to the unit. You can read about it below.

If you are using air conditioning in any salt air environment you should treat them in order to prevent corrosion and increase performance.

 The first HVAC Chiller Service coating to improve heat transfer and air flow
Reduces hydrocarbon and other airborne contaminate build-up
Minimizes salt build-up on coastal installations.This is a must for ST Augustine or any other coastal environment.
Low cost
Easy to apply
Typical ROI is less than 6 months

SIMIX is nano-engineered, and works in the world of particles that are one thousand times smaller than the human eye can see. SIMIX contains sub-nano and nano-particles which bind together in a tight structure.  The coating is applied to the condensing coil fins and as it’s sprayed on, it wicks into the microscopic voids between the fin and tube connection. It fills the voids that are created between the fin and tube connection during the first 90 days of operation. It immediately improves heat transfer between the tube and the fin. Simix energy saving products improves air flow on your hvac chiller by breaking surface tension. More air can move through the opening because there is no friction on the hvac chiller fins. The more CFM pulled through a unit, the more efficient the unit becomes. In most cases, the unit is restored back to its original specifications.

How do I apply SIMIX AC Service products to my hvac chiller? It’s simple. Cycle the unit down and shut down power. Apply SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner with a misting sprayer. Allow to sit for a couple minutes. Then thoroughly rinse with water.

Apply Simix A/C protective coating with a airless or power painter thoroughly coating all interior and exterior fins and coils.

Cycle back up

Bent fins cost you money. How does SIMIX help you restore them? Repair the bent fins by misting a small amount of SIMIX A/C Protective Coating above, on and below the damaged area using a trigger spray bottle. Insert the appropriate sized fin comb under the damaged area and pull upwards through the damaged area; repeat starting from the top and pulling back down through the same damaged area. This technique cuts the normal repair time by over 90%.

How long does SIMIX A/C Energy Savings Products last? Depending on your environment, it will last five to seven years. Corrosive environments may require re-application sooner.

How does SIMIX A/C Energy Savings products improve energy efficiency? Over time, aluminum begins to erode and forma layer of oxidation that becomes an insulator, which in turn slows down the process of dissipating the heat. SIMIX A/C Protective Coating penetrates this layer of oxidation and converts it from an insulator to a conductor, thus restoring efficiency. SIMIX A/C Protective Coating contains nano particles of titanium dioxide, which break down surface tension on fins, resulting in an immediate increase of air movement across the surface. The faster you can get the aluminum fins to dissipate heat, the quicker the fins pull heat from the copper tubing.

What kind of savings can I expect? On a new unit, we recommend applying the product after 90 days of operation. You can expect a savings of at least 3% the first year. Existing installations have shown savings of 15% or more. Cleaner units require less maintenance.

How long does it take for Simix Energy Saving Products to work? The unit’s efficiency decreases temporarily as the coating dries, then will increase within hours and will continue to improve over the next week as SIMIX A/C Protective Coating fully cures.

How does SIMIX A/C Protective Coating make it easier to clean the unit? First of all, units just stay cleaner once coated with SIMIX. That’s because the coating breaks down the exhaust gas emissions and significantly limits the ability of dirt and debris from attaching. A/C units in climates that get a lot of rain will be kept clean by moisture pulled into the fins by the fan. In drier climates, rinsing with a garden hose periodically will keep the fins clean. In areas with excessive airborne pollution, a small amount of diluted SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner followed by rinsing with a garden hose will be all you need to assure the unit is operating at maximum efficiency. (Using any other type of cleaner may result in the destruction of Simix A/C Protective Coating.)

How much does the product cost per ton? Less than $10.

Who could install SIMIX A/C Protective Coating? A qualified maintenance person, painting contractor or your A/C service provider. 

What makes SIMIX A/C energy saving products environmentally friendly? The nano particles of titanium dioxide imbedded in SIMIX A/C Protective Coating react to UV rays from the sun to photocatalytically breakdown hydrocarbons in the air. Hydrocarbons are created by exhaust emissions from cars, trucks and airplanes. Basically, SIMIX helps break down air pollution.

A clean house is a healthier house

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