Got mold In Grow Room ??????????

                Tio2 Is the Answer                  

Mold in grow room? Prevent it without bleach just by applying nano titanium dioxide to your walls.

Everyone is talking bleach when they should be talking titanium dioxide. Bleach should be gone especially around plants.

For years, bleach has been the first product we’ve pulled out of the cupboard to treat mold. But the mold we see is actually the mold by-product, or mold excrement, if we want to apply a descriptive term. Living mold is microscopic and is invisible to the naked eye. When we use bleach to clean mold, we take the colour out of the mold 'by-product' and kill most of the mold, but we don’t kill . Cleaning with bleach typically removes 80% of the living mold. This leave 20% of the now invisible mold shooting out mold spores and dangerous mycotoxins.

If you are having problems in your marijuana grow room it can be stopped without extra ventilation. As a matter of fact,Ti02  will improve air quality.

Titanium dioxide is photo-catalytic and makes hydrogen peroxide constantly as long as there is UV light and moisture. All grow rooms are abundant in UV light and moisture. Hydrogen peroxide is the most aggressive oxidizer with no fumes.

Titanium dioxide is like having a constant scrubbing bubble always working. Sometimes up to 14 years.

Normally reapplications are about every ten years.

You will never see black mold or green algae growing on your walls or any treated surface for that matter.

The hydrogen peroxide production is non stop as long as there is UV light and water vapor in the air.

The water vapor will be abundant in interior grow rooms that are using hydroponics.

Usually people go to bleach to eliminate mold. Bleach is nasty and ruins everything it comes in contact with. It actually really does not really clean but just changes the color in many cases. So you really do not want it around plants because it kills plants. It makes no sense to use bleach when a safe alternative is available. I  would think that bleach is not good around medical marijuana or any plant for that matter.

We have been treating interior and exterior buildings for the last nine years and their is zero growth on the treated areas.

Just spray with Simix. Notice it does not harm plants. Before
Black Mold on Wall Sprayed with Simix After.This took 60 days

I have tried to kill plants with Simix and it just makes them grow better

Is it safe around plants? Here I am hammering a sago palm.It makes the palm grow better

Safe to kill powdery mildew on plants or any mold in grow room.

This seems like a natural fit for anyone who is growing inside or in green house situations.

Keep in mind that vertical surfaces(all of your walls) require zero maintenance and horizontal will have to be swept or rinsed clean to prevent blocking the UV light from the titanium dioxide nano particle.

This process also eliminates odors and sterilizes each and every area that is treated. Wallah  no mold in grow room.

Titanium Dioxide is the most Reflective Element on The planet.

Stop being a bleach Zombie

You  might be a bleach zombie if

  • You use bleach because that's what your parents use.
  • You go to the store and the man says use bleach
  • You say you love the environment but still trash it with bleach
  • You  hate it bleach but still use it.(Because you have no options)
  • You now have options but continue to use something you hate
  • Everyone on roll it up says use bleach (uh they been smokin sumthin)so you follow their advice

If you meet those criteria than you are a bleach zombie.Stop mold in grow room with................

New Technology.Works with the sun or interior lighting. Can be sprayed on plants to prevent powdery mildew

Got mold In Grow Room solution,IS it Expensive?

About three cents a square foot so, it only makes sense, if you are having  problems. Bleach has always been the go to for this situation but bleach is not only dangerous to humans but definitely deadly to plants.

This coating is in a potassium silicate mixture so will not be harmful to plants.

Do a search on potassium silicate and see how it is being used in plant fertilizers so it will be safe around your plants.

I have literally sprayed this titanium dioxide coating directly on plants to kill mold and have simply watched the black mold disappear.

On the odor front it will definitely cut down on any offensive odors.

There are many items on the market that contain titanium dioxide for odor control from hunting scent spray to smoke odor eliminator.

I know for a fact that smoke odor disappears when this coating is applied.

So lets recap.Why is titanium dioxide better than bleach?Why does Simix AgPlus™ contain titanium dioxide? Titanium dioxide is recognized by the EPA as an environmentally biofriendly biocide. It is a safe ingredient that is consumed daily by billions of people and is found in millions of consumer products including milk, cheese, instant mashed potatoes and sunscreen. Simix AgPlus™ contains nano particles of titanium dioxide that work as a photocatalyst, interacting with the sun to keep your soil and plants clean and free of pathogens..........

  1. Titanium dioxide is safer than bleach.It will not harm plants
  2. Titanium dioxide is odor free
  3. Titanium dioxide will never let mold regrow
  4. It will always keep treated areas sterile
  5. It will clean the air
  6. It will not ruin your clothing
  7. It is completely safe in your grow room or around your kids

This is a new way of thinking.Most people clean it and then the mold growth process just restarts.

With nano titanium dioxide It just stays clean and virus and bacteria free.

Air quality is also improved because the titanium dioxide has been proven to remove volatile organic compounds from the air as well as odors of any sort.

I have been using it for nine years and all of my treated areas are mold free and you can stop mold in grow room.

You can buy it here

It will kill any virus or bacteria on any surface.

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