my roof is turning black

My roof is turning black and I don't know why? Well you are suffering from black mold or Gloeocapsa magma

The big question is how do you get rid of it and further more how do you prevent it from returning.A clean house involves a clean roof and a clean roof means remove the black stains on the roof.

Titanium dioxide is the answer. Titanium dioxide will eliminate black stains on roof through photo-catalytic oxidation.

If there is no black mold on your roof and you live in Florida, it is just a matter of time.

Titanium dioxide can prevent it from ever happening.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!!

They all recommend bleach to remove black mold but in reality bleach is abusive to your roof and causes early breakdown of the roof. Bleach also never really kills the bacteria at the root source.It just kills enough of it to make a feeding source for new bacteria to grow.

Does Algae, Fungus, or Lichen damage a roof? Algae, fungus, and lichen on a roof is unsightly, and up until now, were believed to have no long term effects on an asphalt roofs. Recent studies have shown fungus, algae, and lichen may affect the overall performance of an asphalt shingle. The fungus and lichen require an organic based food source to survive. The asphalt in the shingle provides the nourishment for the fungus and lichen to flourish. The fungus and lichen can grow at a rapid rate, completely covering a roof slope in some cases. The fungus secretes enzymes into the asphalt which begin to digest the material at the base of the granule surface. The lichen has small roots that embed down underneath the granule surface to provide nourishment for the infestation. As the lichen blooms die, they pull away the granule surface which exposes small areas of asphalt. The open areas of asphalt are RESTRICTED to the area of lichen growth only. The algae requires an inorganic material to feed upon. Shingle manufacturers sometimes incorporate limestone (dolomite) into the manufacturing process, a specific food source for the algae. Algae are the least harmful of these three infestations.


A simple spray down with titanium dioxide will prevent this from happening and save you thousands of dollars. So if your roof shingles are turning black you can stop it.

The real idea behind this technology is to treat clean surfaces so they will never get moldy.

But if it is dirty, you can self clean with sun and rain, but it does take patience!!!!!

Three ways to approach this technology

My roof is turning black.                      Stop it now

If your roof is completely covered in thick black mold,this product will take two, possible three applications.

On basic thin black, just starting,one application will do it.

Now on the other hand if you want to use the product as a pre treat before cleaning.observe the videos below.

Below you see a barrel tile roof sprayed with titanium dioxide.

Ninety days and it cleaned itself with only sunlight.

My roof is turning black
black stains on roofThis took 90 days

Black Stains On Roof and Roof Warranty

If you use bleach on your roof you could void the warranty on your roof.

Roofing manufacturers are voiding roof warranties because of bleach use.

The roofing manufacturer will also void a roof warranty if you pressure wash the roof.

That is why preventive maintenance is your best bet and titanium dioxide is the best solution.

Titanium dioxide being photo-catalytic always makes hydrogen peroxide therefore it never allows mold to grow.

What happens is when the nano particle comes in contact with the sun it pops off constant h2o2.

So the big question is what are you waiting for?If you treat your roof before growth happens you will never have growth on your roof.

And I Mean Never Have growth.Nothing can grow if you are constantly hitting it with hydrogen peroxide and the nano particle is always doing that.

There are millions of square feet treated world wide with this technology and those treated areas remain clean from simply UV light.

You can buy here with complete instructions

A Roof Coating a year keeps the Fungi away
We all know people who fret incessantly about keeping everything clean. One sight of a stain or some unwanted organic growth, and these people bring out all their weapons and declare full-scale war, not wavering until every inch of the surface is clean and free of anything living. We tend to calm them down, telling them that everything does not have to be clean all the time. However, there’s a catch. When it comes to roofs, it is better if they stay clean all the time. Why is that?
Roofs are exposed to the atmosphere at all times, and the air in the environment is swarming with particles and organisms that can latch onto your roof, make their homes in the dirt and dark crevices of it, and then proceed to grow. The least this could lead to are black spots on your roof, which you probably have noticed, but never really resolved to clean away until you finally had the time. These spots absorb much greater amounts of sunlight as compared to the rest of your roof, and lead to an increased temperature inside the house.
That is not all, however. The fungi on your roof can lead to a proliferation of many types of algae on your roof. These algae can potentially increase the risks of certain allergies and diseases inside your home, putting the health of the inhabitants at risk. Now is that not something you would want to avoid?
I know what you are thinking. You’re planning to bleach your way through this situation. Do not make haste, though. Bleach is not a good solution for this problem. Sure enough, bleach will kill the fungi and clean your roof, but it will bring along with it harmful baggage. Bleach destroys the underlayment on all roofing materials, it is harmful to your plants, animals, pond life and the environment. What is more, bleach is also corrosive to the metallic materials on your roof which include roof nails and gutter hangers.
What then? What if I told you, we have a roof coating solution that avoids all the dangers associated with bleach, and provides a quick and long lasting relief from all sorts of black spots and algae?
SIMIX® cleaners are specially equipped with the photo-catalytic advantage, i.e. our cleaners can put in place roof coatings containing nanoparticles that work with the Sun and rain to clean your roof. What is more, these cleaners are equipped with Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), a chemical compound that gives these roof coatings an uncannily long life, so that your clean-freak family member can finally sit down and let the cleaner do its job of making sure anything new that sticks to your roof is eliminated instantly.
These roof coatings have a range of advantages:
 Kill algae, mold, mildew, lichens, fungus, and moss
 Quick, long-lasting results
 Safe around plants and pets
 Improve curb appeal
 Comply with HOA rules
 Reduce air conditioning costs
 Extend the life of the roof
 Do not contain copper sulfate
Besides the above, SIMIX® cleaners are also extremely versatile. They can be used on asphalt shingles, concrete and clay tile, metal roofing, slate, mod bit, single-ply membranes, smooth surfaces, built-up
roofing, and ballasted singly ply. As you can clearly see, SIMIX® roof coatings shine out among all the bleaches and cleaners available in the market!
Now, let us say you have finally made the right decision to make use of SIMIX® coatings for your roof. To facilitate you, we have prepared three packages that will ensure complete cleaning and an increased life for your roof:
1) No Rinse
2) Clean – Maintain
3) Clean – Protect – Maintain
These packages differ in the thoroughness with which we will treat your roof and clean it of any old nuisances hiding about. All the packages will make use of our primary cleaner, the SIMIX® All Purpose Cleaner, which does a good job at making sure your roof is well protected. However, if you want some extra punch, you should go for the third package, since that will also include the SIMIX® Multi-Surface Coating, an added shield that extends the life of all roof materials, protecting your roof from sunlight damage, exhaust fumes, and algae growth.
So buckle up and place your trust in our SIMIX® cleaners. We assure you, that the sight of your roof a year down the road will convince you that you made the right decision.

Treat your roof and clean the air

Not only will titanium dioxide keep black stains off your roof but it will also clean the air. This science has been well documented since the 1970's.

Titanium dioxide cleans smog from the air. Read about it here

More examples of self cleaning Ti02

roof-is-turning-blackLeft side treated.Mold cannot grow

My-roof-is-turning-blackTreat it, Don't pressure Wash

my-roof is-turning-black


A clean house is a healthier house