Oil Stains and Titanium Dioxide

It has happened to all of us. Oil stains on our pavers or concrete driveway. Titanium dioxide will oxidize oil.

Watch Video to see how it works

Using 4 ounces of powder this took 15 minutes.It cleans immediately and leaves behind nano particles that keep cleaning

These are immediate Results

Oil Stains in parking lots

PROBLEM: Parking lot grime

• Parking lot runoff leads to fines
• Parking lot oil  gets tracked into stores
• Dirty parking lots lead to dirty interior floors
• Dirty parking lots impact customers psychologically

SOLUTION: titanium dioxide

• Breaks down oil, transmission, hydraulic fluids and exhaust gas emissions
• Works with sunlight and exterior lighting 24/7
• Lowers interior floor cleaning costs
• Increase customer satisfaction from the moment they pull up
• The most cost-effective cleaner in today’s market.

How does it work? SIMIX is nano-engineered, and works in the world of particles that are one thousand times smaller than the human eye can see. SIMIX contains sub-nano and nano-particles that react with sunlight or artificial light to break down mold, algae, smog, tannin, oil stains and grime.

How is it applied? SIMIX comes in a powder form that is dissolved in water and applied with an airless pump system. For large surface applications, landscape style tank sprayers are used. SIMIX application does not require any special training. Before you apply it, you must sweep or use a leaf blower to remove branches and debris.

How long does it take to work? That depends on the amount of the UV rays from sunlight and artificial light the parking lot gets each day. If the sun is higher in the sky, it will work faster.

How much does it cost? The product costs less than $0.004 per square foot or about $4 per 1,000 square feet. Once your parking lot is clean, you will spend less time and money cleaning interior floors.

How often do I have to re-apply SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment? We recommend re-coating the parking lot within 12 months. After that, you can probably wait two years for another application.

What kinds of surfaces can SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment be used on? Asphalt, concrete and pavers.

I applied SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment and my sidewalk turned orange. What did I do wrong? You didn’t do anything wrong. The product is working perfectly. It’s interacting with hydrocarbons (like exhaust vapors from cars) and the UV rays from the sun or artificial lighting will break down the orange and/or the rain will wash it away.

Can I apply SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment in any kind of weather? SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment must be visibly dry before it rains, snows, or freezes.

How is SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment environmentally friendly? SIMIX Parking Lot Treatment contains titanium dioxide (TiO2), which is recognized by the EPA as an environmentally friendly biocide.

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