Preventative Maintenance
Photo-catalytic TiO2

Preventative maintenance has never been so easy with the application of titanium dioxide nano particles to your building exterior.

You literally will never have to pressure wash your building or house again simply through sunlight. Your house or building can stay looking awesome full time by simply coating it with nano Ti02. Your house will generate hydrogen peroxide and never allow growth.

Talk about saving money and you are going to help clean the air around your property

See the example below

Sign located in St Augustine Florida, Needed cleaning once a year.

Treated with nano particles of Titanium Dioxide eleven  years and counting. Mold never comes back.

Preventative Maintenance for all surfaces

For maintenance this is a dream come true for building maintenance professionals or homeowners for that matter.

The cost to treat this sign was under twenty dollars and they have bypassed seven pressure washing cycles.

They have eliminated the water waste of cleaning this sign,the time to go clean it, the bleach, the gasoline to run a pressure washer.

In other words well worth the twenty bucks to treat it.

How does it Work

Titanium dioxide is photo-catalytic. Therefore it reacts with sunlight to make hydrogen peroxide or what the scientists call hydroxl radicals.

This hydrogen peroxide production continues for ten years plus saving you the hassle of repeat cleaning and maintenance on problem areas.

Effective on

Virtually the list goes on because the coatings have been developed to go on any surface.

Alcoa is now selling building panels with titanium dioxide nano particles and simix solutions makes coating to apply to existing structures.

It only make sense to apply these coatings to surfaces that you are maintaining.

These nano particles are like little Navy Seals. THEY NEVER STOP FIGHTING mold, green algae, viruses and bacteria.They take no prisoners.

Preventative maintenance with this technology not only saves you time and money but your building always looks good.

Rome's Jubilee church hopes to stay white with  self-cleaning cement.

Not only does your building look good but you are also helping to fight smog. How?

When the nano-particles are embedded in the top layer of sidewalk pavers or building panels and get hit by sunlight, a photocatalytic process turns the NOx from air pollutant to a water soluble nitrate NO-3.

Breathing nitrogen dioxide or nitrogen oxides is associated with respiratory problems, such as more coughs, bronchitis, impaired pulmonary function, and even premature death. NOx pollution is acute in car-choked cities, and the EU has set limits for the amount of NOx and ozone in air. (The U.S. hasn't revised its standard since 1971.) Especially during the summer months, though, many cities fail to meet the standards, which will tighten in the EU at the start of 2010.

As a building maintenance professional TiO2 should be a part of your program.

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