Properly cleaning and disinfecting fitness equipment

Properly cleaning and disinfecting fitness equipment seems to be the same advice everywhere I look.

I get it.You want your equipment to stay in top shape and not only look good but smell good.

One of my friends and customers manages a slew of Planet Fitness health Clubs and we got to talking one day about what a hassle it was to maintain the equipment.The sweat and the salt in it is always attacking the surface of the equipment and cleaning alone is not effective to maintain appearance.

Most fitness facilities don't have the staff required to clean each piece of equipment after every use. Instead, they rely on users to wipe down their machines when finished by offering either spray cleaners or wipes. What type of cleaning product a facility offers matters less than how it's used; both spray cleaners and wipes can only be effective if used correctly, and damaging to equipment and end-users if not. The key is to have a good understanding of each product's capabilities.

Every time that you clean with this high ph cleaner,you will remove immediately all the sweat,bacteria, virus,makeup,whatever has come in contact with the equipment.

You will leave behind little nano-particles that will continue to work as long as there is light.

This increases your chances of a safer environment.There is nothing on the market that works like this.There is no photo-catalytic products being promoted in big box stores.

One half teaspoon per 32 ounces of water.

Under 40 cents a gallon.

Learn about bacteria and virus testing in videos

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Immediate Clean with Long lasting Results
Kills coronavirus on hard surfaces

Kill with PH

Continuous hydrogen peroxide production 

Nano particles always working in the presence of UV light

Floors need cleaning too

Properly cleaning and disinfecting fitness equipment is more than just cleaning.

An antibacterial cleaner  that is capable of disinfecting; that is, it kills most of the germs and viruses commonly found in health clubs. There are various chemicals used as disinfectants, from environmentally friendly options containing chemical agents derived from citrus oils to older alcohol- or phenol-based cleaners. The problem with the latter two, however, is that they pose a threat to equipment.

A new approach

Properly cleaning and disinfecting fitness equipment can be environmentally friendly and can also protect the appearance of the exercise equipment.

Since the nineteen seventy's, it has been known, that nano particles of titanium dioxide will constantly produce hydrogen peroxide in the presence of interior or exterior UV light.

To date, this technology has not been economically commercialized for building materials applications for several reasons.  First, up and until a few years ago, the producers of TiO2 were only able to make Micron and Macro size particles. It is only recently that very small or Nano size particles have been available. Key here is that each particle regardless of size can only create so much activity or catalytic effect, therefore if you could have 20 particles in the same area where you once had just one large particle you will now have 20 times more activity. Now you can enjoy the benefits of nano science TI02

A clean house is a healthier house

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