EASY Restroom Cleaning SOLUTION

How to Get Your Washrooms Clean and Odor Free

Restroom cleaning! It's everyone's favorite job. Right? Not a chance! Washrooms are a magnet for dirt and intolerable odors. We need to use them, but cleaning them? Ugh!

Thankfully, there's a solution that makes cleaning restrooms a lot easier and more affordable. Introducing... SIMIX!

It's All in the Chemistry!

Titanium Dioxide What Is It?

Distinctive and Bold Titanium Dioxide What Is It?When I first heard the words titanium dioxide I thought poison!Well nothing could be farther from the truth. Titanium dioxide is the eighth most common element on the planet found in toothpaste, powdered donuts, all paints, chewing gum and host of everyday items that we use. Mainly as a colorant. It is also the best sunblock on the planet used by NASA to protect certain atmospheric testing equipment from the sun during testing.SO HOW DOES TITANIUM DIOXIDE ATTACK URINE SMELL? First and foremost once you clean with simix kitchen degreaser, the urine smell will immediately go away. But there is also nano titanium dioxide in the product.
What is cool about the science of titanium dioxide is the fact that it is photo-catalytic. Because of this unique feature it is always making hydrogen peroxide therefore always cleaning the surface that it is attached too. I have witnessed incredible things in my experience with titanium dioxide self cleaning effect.
I use it in my business to treat interior and exterior automobile, yacht and aircraft. It is all I use and my customers rave at how long their vehicles remain clean. 



Do your bathrooms smell? You can fix that — with your staff — for thousands of dollars less than other companies.

Proper  cleaning  always smell better. Not by masking the smell — which never really works — but through simple chemistry.

Restroom Cleaning Has Never Been This Easy

I have customers that have been trying to get urine smell out of bathrooms using anything from bleach to enzymes with no results.

They tried this powder one time and the urine smell was gone and did not return.

Restroom Cleaning made simple 

What kind of floors can SIMIX be used on?

SIMIX can be used on virtually any kind of floor, including... VCT Tile

  • Terrazzo
  • Hard Tile with Grout
  • Polished Concrete
  • Linoleum
  • Marmoleum
  • Epoxy
  • Natural Stone
  • Urethane
  • Polyurethane Wood Flooring

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A clean house is a healthier house

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