Science News and  Green Buildings and ceramic coatings

Science news is what we read to keep us up to date on breakthrough technology.

Things that can help our lives and improve our quality of life.

Personally when I hear science I am automatically programmed to go to sleep.

This science news woke me up.

Why did it get my attention.Well I saw a way that an average Joe could make some money by making buildings greener.

I mean the going green thing is huge so why not try to make a few dollars helping the environment by saving people money.

I have been applying nano titanium dioxide to buildings for ten years and I have personally saved thousands of gallons of water by eliminating the need to pressure wash buildings.

Miami Stadium Remains free of pressure washing

The people in the know like Pilkington self cleaning windows, Alcoa, and Simix claim this will be a multi-billion dollar industry by 2020.

Well I want a piece of it and I have been getting it done.

Usually cleaned 2 times year constant maintenance

Treated with Ti02 stays clean for ten years

Nano titanium dioxide,commonly used everyday in paints,toothpaste sunblock is photo catalytic.

It never stops making hydrogen peroxide.Hydrogen peroxide is an oxidizer so it will not let microorganisms  grow.Therefore mold and algae cannot grow on a treated surface.

Just spray it on and walk away.The treated surface will remain clean for years.

What are the limitations.

I have found that vertical surfaces remain clean way longer with zero and I mean zero maintenance.

Horizontal surfaces require more maintenance because treated areas have to remain free of debris.

You see the technology works by sunlight making contact with the nano particle.

So if a leave or dirt is covering the area the technology cannot work.

The vertical surfaces have less chance of something covering the particle therefore the treated areas just remain clean.

This eliminates

  1. pressure washing
  2. using bleach
  3. the fuel to operate a pressure washer
  4. The constant maintenance nightmare
  5. On interior applications it will eliminate VOC's and odors

So if you are trying to make your home or office a greener place this is one piece of science news you can incorporate into your life.

You will also find that titanium dioxide is being used by hospitals,doctor offices,kennels to keep the areas clean of bacterial and virus growth.Any treated area is constantly being sterilized by the hydrogen peroxide production.

A clean house is a healthier house

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