Self-Cleaning Clothes

Self-Cleaning Clothes

Laundry Detergent

The other day I noticed something. My wife's clothes did not smell like smoke. Why should they smell like smoke? Uh well she smokes a pack a day. I kicked the habit 3 years ago so I can smell that cigarette smoke odor pretty quickly. I knew pretty quickly why they did not smell like smoke. It was because of the titanium dioxide.

You see I have been using this  in my business for nine years to remove smoke odor from automobile interiors. In My detail business in St Augustine Florida I have been removing smoke odor from cars with titanium-dioxide for years.

Come to think of it, I noticed my shirts, in the dead of summer in St Augustine Florida did not smell at the end of the day.

I called the inventor  and he confirmed my conclusions. Other people from around the globe are having the same results. One thing for sure clothes still have to be washed. They just smell cleaner longer.

How Does it Work

Titanium -Dioxide in nano meter particles, in other words, real small stuff that you cannot see with the naked eye.

When the particles come in contact with UV light it makes hydrogen peroxide. Literally when you wash your clothes with this laundry detergent it leaves behind millions of particles of TiO2 in the fabric and therefore your clothes are also deodorizing and attacking bacteria and virus's as well.

There is formal testing going on at this writing at United Laboratories to prove this phenomenon but my nose and hundreds of my customers noses have already seen the results.

Smoke odor goes away in cars within a day in cars so there is no reason it won't work on clothing.

There is a Japanese company promoting this technology for men's business suits because of the H1n1 virus.

Self-Cleaning Clothes Expensive?

So it Must be Expensive

On the contrary. These guys have made it so inexpensive that one container can wash the clothes of a family of four for a year.

My wife and I have been using it on our clothing and I use it on my work rags with great results.

One teaspoon per load. It is called all purpose cleaner so you can use it on counter tops, carpets or anything for that matter.

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