Self Cleaning Glass

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Yes it's true. Self cleaning glass is for real.Your windows are probably one of the biggest hassles you have. Why not clean them fifty times less and enjoy more. Through the science of Nano Technology self cleaning windows has become a reality that any one can afford.

We've started to hear a lot about self cleaning windows in every day uses.

Pilkington self cleaning windows and Renew by Virdian Glass  are manufactured with nano Tio2 in the glass,but it is now possible to make any window self cleaning by applying the coating to your windows and it is super inexpensive.

How Does Self Cleaning Glass Work?

Titanium Dioxide when applied to the window surface produces a self cleaning surfaces. This is accomplished through photo catalytic reaction to the sun. What I have observed is the self cleaning windows stay cleaner about 265 days longer than treated glass. It will not stop hard water from the sprinklers but everything else as far as dirt build up, it is effective. Several of my customers have treated their windows as well with positive results. It does take rainfall and if not rainfall you must rinse them. The way to sell yourself is to treat half a window and leave the other half untreated. You will see the difference. I enjoy the effects, as the glass does stay so clean, so it gives me some time off and couldn't we all use that. View the video below on one company doing this. Now you can purchase the coating to apply to existing windows. It is the same stuff that I use on automobiles and this shit works. You will not believe how easy it is to apply and how long those windows stay clean. Salt on oceanfront windows never attaches and you will see the difference especially after a rainstorm. I have several customers that use it in their beauty shop to treat their mirrors. They tell me the hair spray doesn't stick to the mirror. So the million dollar question. How much is it. Plain and simple Twenty two bucks a bottle that will treat 800 square feet. I sell it on my site but it is labeled as a car care product. The magic to this product comes from the nano titanium dioxide. The titanium dioxide is photo-catalytic. As long as there is ultra violet light the titanium dioxide is making microscopic hydrogen peroxide. Not only is it always self cleaning but it is sterilizing as well. You can also treat your shower stall and it will not allow black mold grow. Your granite counter tops will pop with this coating applied to it.

Self cleaning glass application

It really is pretty simple. If you take the surface to be treated, clean well with vinegar and simply apply to the glass with a small mist of product and then buff with microfiber cloth.

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