Sick of stripping floors.Ceramic coatings are the answer

Floor Stripping Never Again!!!!

Sick of stripping floors?Floor stripping a constant nightmare for you?

Never strip and wax your floors again! Sounds impossible, but because of new ceramic coating technology, it is happening all around the world.

According to Floor stripping refers to completely removing old wax, soil and debris found on the floor. It is usually one of the most labor intensive and time consuming jobs in the professional cleaning industry. Further, it is common for cleaning professionals - even experienced cleaning professionals - to make mistakes when stripping floors.

There is new technology available you just haven't heard of it yet.Never Strip Again.

The beauty of the new system is the floor maintains such a high ph that it is impossible for microbes,bacteria or virus to survive.

Also factor in the photo catalytic nano particles  and you add an extra barrier to fight microbial growth.

Waxing,  stripping and burnishing floors. It’s an endless cycle for managers of hospitals, schools, retail stores and factories.  Floors get worn down and damaged by this process, the costs grow.Mercy Hospital,John Hopkins have made the switch from wax to ceramic coatings. They are sick of stripping floors.

Stop Burnishing stop infections

People are sick of stripping floors.Nurses,doctors,patients getting sick

 Below is an article on people getting sick from floor waxing

I am curious to see how many people get sick from floor wax at work. I believe we need to take the time to speak up, having to breathe chemicals that cause people sickness from being at work is uncalled for. I went to the ER last night after working my nursing job because of the floor wax fumes. I was going about my normal day when my eyes started burning and watering to no end. I thought some of the lotion I was wearing had got rubbed into my eyes. I continued preparing for my Med pass. I proceeded to go to the west wing and pass my meds. I noticed a nasty smell of fumes and saw they were waxing. I knew when I saw that it was the cause of my irritated eyes. I had to continue Med pass as we were working bare minimum staff. As I breathed the fumes and worked in the area following the wax my eyes were blinking non stop from the irritation watering and burning as though I had poured rubbing alcohol into them. Following the eye irritation my nose started stuffing up and my chest began tightening. I continued working and grew nauseated, dizzy and developed a headache. After completing Med pass I contacted my on call supervisor to inform her that I don't seem to do well being expose to these fumes and that I was going to get treated as soon as I finished my documentation. I moved to the east side to work from the clinic computer to try and get away from the fumes. I still could smell them but not as strong. Employees in the clinic reported headaches as well as others breathing the fumes. Unfortunately, it took me until the end of my shift to complete everything. By the time I drove home my head felt funny and It was a similar feeling like when you drink too many glasses of wine. I noticed my reactions and thought process was slower than normal. Honestly I was scared to drive home but I had no one to drive me and I had to get home to my child. I drove with caution and made it home. My neighbor saw me and asked what was wrong I explained what happened at work and she pointed out my face was red as well as my chest and my eyes were puffy. I took some benedryl and ibuprofen waited two hours and it didn't help. I then sat and waited on my fiancé to get off work and take me to the ER. The MD questioned me called poison control, gave me a chest X-ray and sent me home with an inhaler and benedryl plus three days out of work. I am scared when I return the waxing will still be going on. I am posting this because nurses who are affected need to report this and band together. Something must be done to protect people who have these kinds of reactions to the floor care chemicals. My first exposure to floor wax made me very ill with respiratory effects that took a good three months to get over. I didn't report it or get checked out at that time. I worked in a nursing home during the first exposure and my respiratory compromised patients also had issues. We need to speak up so they will move these patients away from where the floor care is being done and so employers will schedule employees with this reaction to work the days floor care is not being done. Something has to give here nurses should never have to compromise their health because they want to go to work to help others. Everyone please speak up if you have suffered irritation to floor waxing and striping! For now I will sit on my couch and see if this albuterol inhaler, Ibuprofen and Benadryl make me better if not guess I will return to the ER my employer has me using.

Nurses are sick of stripping floors!!!!!!!!!!!!

Floor Stripping is Expensive

Not only is it expensive but harmful to the environment.

Why do the same thing over and over when you can eliminate stripping forever.

John Hopkins is doing it. Why not you.I know you are sick of stripping floors.

Millions of square feet around the world and they are saving millions in labor,and being more environmentally conscious.

The US government is doing it.Imagine that, the government trying to save money.

So what is it? It is Ceramic Coatings.

It is called SIMIX

By the way do not call me on this.

I do not do floors.Call Jeff Stanich in the USA

He is the inventor.

Simix is

Cheaper than wax
No more  floor stripping
Coating will never yellow, chip, peel or crack
Breakthrough technology that does not support growth of microbes
Healthier than wax because bacteria, viruses, mold and algae can’t grow on it
Safer because it’s far less slippery than wax
Tougher than steel
Superior scuff and scratch resistance
Brighter rooms that smell better
Ingredients that are EPA recognized as environmentally friendly pesticides and biocides and Reducing Hospital Acquired Infections

Why is SIMIX “less slippery” than floor finish? SIMIX Ceramic Floor Coating has been tested in the field by a certified NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) expert using what’s called a “coefficient of friction” test. Simix scored an average of .573 (Leather Sole Wet/Coefficient of Friction Test on a non-lab environment); most insurance companies consider a business at fault in “slip and fall” cases if their floors score below .5. Thus, having a SIMIX-ceramic coated floor could help protect your company in a lawsuit.

How does SIMIX work? SIMIX is nano-engineered, and works in the world of particles that are one thousand times smaller than the human eye can see. SIMIX contains sub-nano and nano-particles which bind together in a tight structure that becomes harder than steel when it dries. Once it is fully cured, SIMIX’s hardness rating is above a 9 on the Mohs scale. On the same scale, diamonds are 10 and hardened steel is 8.

How long does SIMIX take to apply? SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating is faster to apply than floor finish, because it dries more quickly. That is because SIMIX’s nano-particles force out water; if you use floor finish, you have to wait for the water to evaporate. We estimate your floors will be ready for foot traffic in 20% to 30% less time than with a floor finish coat. .

Do we need special training to apply SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating? No. Written instructions are found on the packaging. If you can apply wax, you can apply SIMIX

What kinds of floors can it be used on? SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating can be used on virtually any kind of hard floor, including terrazzo.

What type of cleaners can be used on SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating? Only SIMIX All Purpose Cleaner should be used to maintain the high pH that prevents microbial growth and cross contamination. Repeated use of standard liquid cleaners may cause the surface to be slippery when wet.

WARNING: Liquid neutral cleaners and disinfectants dry to a bio-film which creates a food source for bacteria to contaminate the surface.

Will it make my floors shine like floor finish? SIMIX makes your room brighter instantly. Your floors will not have a “wet” shine like floor finish; instead, you’ll have a crystal chandelier-like shine.

Will it change the color of my floor? SIMIX is clear. It will not change the color of your floor, and it will not crack, yellow, or chip.

How does it make a room smell better? SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating has a pH of 11, which is above the range where microbes can exist. Odor-causing bacteria cannot grow on floors coated with SIMIX because of the high pH and the nano-particles of titanium dioxide. This makes SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating ideal for healthcare settings.

How much does it cost per square foot? Significantly less than a premium floor finish.

Where is it already in use? SIMIX is in use in schools, hospitals and stores in New York, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, California and Nevada.

Is SIMIX Multi-Surface Coating environmentally friendly? SIMIX contains potassium silicate, which is an EPA recognized environmentally bio-friendly pesticide, and titanium dioxide (TiO2) a photo catalyst, which is recognized by the EPA as an environmentally bio-friendly biocide.Reality is NO MORE FLOOR STRIPPING

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