Simix Kitchen Degreaser


You will find Simix Kitchen Degreaser to be the most effective,economical and environmentally friendly kitchen degreaser on the market,it is made of

  • Sodium Percarbonate (produces hydrogen peroxide)
  • Sodium bicarbonate. (baking soda)
  • Sodium Meta silicate (Common in all major brand detergents)
  • Titanium Dioxide (found in all paints,powdered doughnuts,toothpaste etc)
  • SDS click here

No more foul odors
No more clogged lines
No more flies 
​No more greasy floors 
Grease traps stay cleaner longer
No more snaking, hydro jetting and grease trap clean outs.

 Disinfect Clean sanitize and sterilize with one process for ten cents a quart and

that is effective and environmentally safe.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to cleaners and coatings.

Due to environmental regulations, degreasers and household cleaners have advanced to be safer all the way around.

Forget Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide is so much betterThere are so many places in the home that are suitable for disinfecting with hydrogen peroxide such as:

  1. ‏Countertops
  2. ‏Floors‏
  3. ‏Walls‏
  4. ‏Mirrors and windows‏
  5. ‏Sinks and toilets‏
  6. ‏Showers and bathtubs‏
  7. ‏Doorknobs‏
  8. ‏Appliances such as ovens‏
  9. ‏Cutting boards‏
  10. ‏Trash Cans

Why is Simix Better Than Your Degreaser?

Simix Kitchen Degreaser  in  St Augustine Florida Call Tony Hopcraft for a free demo

Simix Kitchen degreaser

  1. No volatile organic compounds 
  2. Doesn't irritate skin
  3. Water-based
  4. Safe for workers and environment
  5. Reduce the number of times you have to open the grease trap

Other Brands

  1. Contains VOCs
  2. Made from solvents like kerosene
  3. Is irritating to skin
  4. Toxic and dangerous
  5. Keep opening the grease trap

How Does Simix Work?

                Simix Kitchen De greaser  has a  high pH. It emulsifies (breaks down) globs of grease so they move safely and quickly through your pipes to the wastewater treatment plant.

How Much You'll Save With Simix

Other ways to save

  1. $1,800 Annual Cost Of Monthly Grease Trap Cleanout Per Store
  2. $6,000Average Annual Cost Of Hydrojetting And Snaking The Pipes.
  3. $5,000 Cost Of Replacing Broken Pipes Because Of Grease Problems
  1. $7,800 Your current annual 
    maintenance costs.
  2. $900 Annual Cost Of Using Simix As A
    Grease Trap Cleaner To Keep
    ​Drains Free Of Grease Clogs
  3. $7,000Annual per-store savings

How To Use Simix Kitchen Degreaser

Simix is great on your fast food grease cleaning or any part of your restaurant that needs to be eliminated from grease like dumpster areas and common walkways.

Great in bathrooms for urine smell and will sanitize and sterilize any surface for fifteen cents a quart.

Stop wasting money on cleanouts. 

No more hydrojetting and snaking

End clogged pipes

Stop the smell

Safe for your pipes

  • Your own staff can do this

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