Smog Check with TiO2

If you live in a city where smog is a problem, smog check this.

If you live in a city where smog is a problem,

smog check this.

It has been known, since the nineteen seventy's, that titanium dioxide cleans smog from the air. With runaway pollution you, as an individual can do your part by treating your surroundings with this incredible element.

Titanium dioxide is found all around us.

In paints,makeup,sunblock,and in a lot of foods. Next time you see some white powdered doughnuts take a look at the ingredients. You will see titanium dioxide.

Now I am not telling you to eat it but consider it for helping your environment to have better air quality.

I am no scientist and far from it. Science puts me to sleep but I am no fool either.

When I saw what TiO2 did with my own eyes I could not deny

I was

blown away.

Enough of me flapping my gums, look at the video below which explains what people are doing all over the world. This video is in Missouri United States.

Video on TiO2 reducing Nitrous Oxides (Automotive Exhaust)

Now of course this technology is being used world wide with incredible results.

Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology in The Netherlands have found that treating pavement with titanium oxide causes a reduction in nitrogen oxide air pollution. In their paper published in the Journal of Hazardous Materials, the team describes how they treated pavement sections in the city of Hengelo with titanium oxide and then took air samples that showed lowered levels of nitrogen oxide.

Once all the blocks were in place the researchers began to take periodic from above both the treated and untreated blocks—on 26 days over a period of a year. They also took note of other variables such as the amount of traffic that drove over the blocks, temperature, , wind speed and direction and both visible and UV light.

In analyzing the data from their samples they found that nitrogen oxide levels were on average 19 percent lower (for full day samples) over the treated blocks than over the control blocks. They also found that when weather conditions were ideal, the air over the treated blocks had 45 percent less of the pollutant than air over the control blocks, showing just how effective the treatment can be.So if you really want to do a smog check check this incredible element out for yourself

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