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Titanium Dioxide to stop global warming? Environmental White Knight?

First of all when I heard titanium dioxide,the word dioxide scared me because it sounds deadly.

Well that is far from the truth.I have been eating it for years and so have you.

Titanium dioxide is a multi-faceted compound. It’s the stuff that makes toothpaste white and paint opaque. TiO2 is also a potent photocatalyst

that can break down almost any organic compound, and a number of companies are seeking to capitalize on TiO2 ’s reactivity bydeveloping a wide range of environmentally\beneficial products.

During the late 1970s, scientists began to realize that the propensity of TiO2 to absorb energy from the UV end of the solar spec-trum and then react with water vapor to produce oxygen could be used to create sur-faces that were, for all practical purposes, self-cleaning. According to Daniel Blake,principal scientist at the Department ofEnergy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado,whenTiO2 is exposed to UV light of a wavelength below 385 nanometers in the presence of

water vapor, two highly reactive substance are formed: hydroxyl radicals [OH] and a superoxide ion [O2-1]. Says Blake, “These

are highly reactive chemical species.

How can Ti02 help stop global warmimg?

How can titanium dioxide work in the fight to stop global warming?

Well the science says that the Ti02 photo-catalytic activity breaks down nitrous oxides from automobile exhaust and turns them into harmless gases.

Some of the 400 miles of pavement in the Westminster borough of London may soon have a role that goes far beyond smoothing footpaths and roadways. Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has developed a paving stone it calls “Noxer that uses the catalytic properties of Ti02 to break down automobile exhaust.

Test showed an 80 percent removal of nitrous oxides from the air with the treated blocks.

There are several companies monetizing on this technology and saving not only the air but time and energy because everything stays cleaner longer.One such company is simixusa

Now of course the battle rages on if global warming is a fact or fantasy.

Either way Ti02 can save you tons of labor and time because everything treated with the element remains cleaner longer and easier to maintain.

Below you can read the full article on the science.

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