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This technology news is nothing new.Since the early 1970's the Japanese discovered that the eighth most common element on the planet is photo-catalytic.

Titanium dioxide when exposed to UV light makes microscopic hydrogen peroxide.

What is titanium dioxide technology news?

Environmental White Knight? Titanium dioxide is a multifaceted compound. It’s the stuff that makes toothpaste white and paint opaque. TiO2 is also a potent photo catalyst that can break down almost any organic compound, and a number of companies are seeking to capitalize on TiO2’s reactivity by developing a wide range of environmentally beneficial products.The stuff is in toothpaste,all paints,chewing gum, powdered donuts and just about every other thing on the planet that is white.

Anything with the word  dioxide in It sounds scary but in all reality it is in all paints,it is sunblock,it is a food colorant but most incredibly it can kill all virus's or bacteria known to man.

It is awesome in preventing mold growth on walls and makes glass self cleaning.

You can treat virtually any surface and make it a mold killing virus and bacteria eliminator.This is not new technology news but news that I feel you need to know about.

I have treated my entire house in and out and it saves me so much time.

I have treated exterior buildings and mold never grows

My shower never has mold and stays completely sterile.

If you put a coating of titanium dioxide on any surface it becomes a self cleaning self sterilizing surface.It is effective on Ebola. Titanium Dioxide is always producing hydrogen peroxide and nicks at the cell wall to kill it.The cell virus or bacteria cannot mutate. Treat all your counter tops,floors walls you name to hedge against virus like Ebola.

Now, scientists are taking the fight to the streets by developing ''smart'' building materials designed to clean the air with a little help from the elements.

Using technology already available for self-cleaning windows and bathroom tiles, scientists hope to paint up cities with materials that dissolve and wash away pollutants when exposed to sun and rain.

''Among other things, we want to construct concrete walls that are  air purifiers in road tunnels,'' said Karin Pettersson, a spokeswoman for Swedish construction giant Skanska. ''It is also possible to make pavings that are natural air cleaners for cleaning the air in cities.''It is a definite fact that Ti02 will break down smog.

Is it expensive.Absolutely not.For pennies a square foot you can treat any surface.

A clean house is a healthier house

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