Titanium Dioxide Applicator Business

Titanium dioxide applicator business, Is it for you?

It is if you want to offer to your customers a way of keeping their roof or walls free of mold and algae for years without pressure washing.

We have contractors who have established businesses simply setting people up on a yearly maintenance program and spraying their roofs with the nano titanium dioxide.There will never be any mold growth.

Simply wet out the surface and walk away.

There are several different angles you can go with this technology.

There is the All purpose cleaner which mixes with water and is sprayed on yearly to eliminate pressure washing.

There is a potassium silicate nano titanium dioxide that gives water repellent to paint and pavers.

There is the HVAC coating that will save homeowners thousands on their HVAC because it will last years longer and operate more efficiently.

There is the never strip again floor coating that will eliminate the need for stripping floors forever.

There is the self cleaning window product which when applied to glass the glass stays cleaner fifty times longer.

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Total investment to get started is about $ 200.00.

A clean house is a healthier house

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