What is Titanium Dioxide

What Is Titanium Dioxide? It is an Environmental White Knight
TiO2 in the presence of UV light and water vapor constantly produce hydrogen peroxide. Any virus that comes in contact with the Ti02 cannot survive and it is completely natural and harmless. This process goes nonstop as long as there is light on it.

Titanium dioxide is a multifaceted compound. It s the stuff that makes toothpaste white and paint opaque.You can find it in powdered donuts and chewing gum.Next time you are in the grocery store pick up a pack of white colored chewing gum and read the ingredients.

Ti02 is also a potent photo-catalyst that can break down almost any organic compound, and a number of companies are seeking to capitalize on Tio2's reactivity by developing a wide range of environmentally beneficial products.

Tile Tales During the late 1970s, scientists began to realize that the propensity of Ti02 to absorb energy from the UV end of the solar spectrum and then react with water vapor to produce oxygen could be used to create surfaces that were, for all practical purposes, self-cleaning.

According to Daniel Blake, principal scientist at the Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, when Tio2 is exposed to UV light of a wavelength below 385 nanometers in the presence of water vapor, two highly reactive substances are formed: hydroxyl radicals [OH] and a super oxide ion. Says Blake, These are highly reactive chemical species. Hydroxyl radicals are very strong oxidizers and will attack all  materials, including those that make up living cells." Current standards require a specific kill level within a certain amount of time. TiO2 achieves the kill level but in a longer period of time. However,while slower than an agent like alcohol or bleach, TiO2 is also less harmful to the environment,so it would be useful where a high kill rate needs to be maintained over a long period of time.

What is titanium dioxide used for in smog reduction?

Some of the 400 miles of pavement in the Westminster borough of London may soon have a role that goes far beyond smoothing foot paths and roadways. Japan’s Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has developed a paving stone it calls “Noxer” that uses the catalytic properties of TiO2 to remove nitrogen oxide (NOx) from the air, breaking it down into more environmentally benign substances that can then be washed away by rainwater. NOx is produced in abundance through vehicle emissions.The initial Noxer block design involved a 200 millimeter (mm) by 100 mm block with a 5–7 mm thick surface layer containingTiO2 mounted on a cement mortar base to a total thickness of 60 mm.

In tests by Mitsubishi, the block was set in a reaction vessel and exposed to a mixture of air and 1part per million (ppm) NOx to simulate vehicle emissions. A hole in the box allowed for the addition of UV light, and a variety of humidities were tested. According to
Mitsubishi, when the surface of the Noxer slab is irradiated, oxygen is created, which oxidizes NOx in the air into nitric acid ions.These ions can then be washed away by rainfall or neutralized by the alkaline composition of the concrete.

Results of these tests showed an 80% NOx removal rate based on an intensity of UV light of1–12 watts per square meter(W/m2) (the UV intensity of direct sunlight
in summer is 20–30 W/m2, compared to 1 W/m2 on a cloudy winter day). The
blocks functioned best under humidity conditions of 10–80%,

Simix Solutions USA, based in Kenosha Wisconsin , is using Tio2 to make self-cleaning coatings for use in hospitals, public restrooms, and other settings where cleanliness is vitally important, as well as on hard-to-reach rooftops, where simple sunlight and rainwater can help prolong the life of the roof.

The result is a photo catalytic coating that bonds with the surface and remains in place for the normal life of the substrate.

What is titanium dioxide used for in antimicrobial coatings?
This coating has several intriguing properties. First, it can break down organic matter into carbon dioxide ([CO.sub.2]) and water. When organic matter lands on a Ti[O.sub.2]-coated tile and water is applied, the hydroxyl radicals break down the cell wall and outer membrane, allowing cell contents to leak out and Ti[O.sub.2] particles to enter, thereby causing cell damage and death. Hydroxyl radicals are highly reactive and thus short-lived. Super oxide ions, while longer-lived, cannot penetrate the cell membrane because of their negative charge TiO2-treated tiles achieve a 99.9% bacterial kill rate within one
hour for such strains as penicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

What is titanium dioxide used for in your life?You can put it on your counter tops in nano particle size and it will always be self cleaning.Constantly sterilizing.An incredible addition to your home's cleaning arsenal
Titanium dioxide coatings also Make windows self cleaning Make concrete self cleaning.No more pressure washing Make Roofs self cleaning,no black streaks
Eliminate VOC's in your home.Improve air quality by 70 percent Break down smog in the air Makes your entire living area stay more resistant to all virus and bacteria

Make surfaces easy to clean and stay cleaner 70 times longer.Anti Microbial that is always working on any surface.Being used in hospitals and schools around the world to keep areas free of microbial growth.You say "Can I use it in my life?" yes you can and it is available but Ti02 makes Roofs Stay Cooler

Titanium dioxide research

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Do some research on the web on what is happening out there with titanium dioxide. Search for Self Cleaning windows Self cleaning concrete Titanium Dioxide antimicrobial You will have plenty to see that all the science in the area is real and there now for the consumer. That is why I invested in the Company that I am with. I have applied these coatings all over the state of Florida with great results. So What is Titanium Dioxide? It is an incredible alternative to the same old processes that we have been doing for years. -Return from Titanium Dioxide to home page

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