We need to save water and self cleaning surfaces are savings millions of gallons a year

If you are in the building maintenance business,we need to save water and if you want to reduce  your outside maintenance by 80 percent you should look at TiO2.The advantages of saving water are obvious.

Saving water and energy are. good for your pocket and the environment.

You can maintain a cleaner house or office by simply applying these self cleaning coatings to the walls and roof of your structure.

You virtually eliminate the need to pressure wash your building  for years.

I have buildings that I have treated and they are still clean seven years later. Zero and I mean zero pressure washing.Basically saving thousands of dollars of maintenance cost and helping the environment. A pressure washers uses around 300 gallon an hour.So imagine eliminating pressure washing from your maintenance cycle.

We need to save water on HVAC as well!!!! A Tio2 coating on a  hvac unit stays cleaner so it requires less water to maintain.

We need to save water, So How Does it work?

One of the key stumbling blocks in getting consumers, utilities, and the building sector to invest in water-saving practices and technologies is the misconception that water efficiency doesn’t produce economic benefits. The (subsidized) low cost of water delivered to the tap doesn’t translate volume savings into money savings—a concept that doesn’t resonate well with the general public. For utilities, water conservation obviously reduces revenue, which could cause them to raise rates and, in essence, punish consumers for saving water. However, according to a newly updated report from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, “Water Efficiency as Stimulus and Long-Term Investment,” there are several potential economic benefits to investing in water efficiency. The paper, originally published in December 2008, quantitatively examines economic growth impacts of water/energy efficiency investments, specifically in terms of job creation, income, GDP, national output, water savings, and other benefits.

Simply apply nano particles of titanium dioxide and those little particles go to work through the process of photocatalysis. .

This process works great on asphalt shingles, barrel tile or any other roofing surface for that matter.You can also have self cleaning windows that repel salt air. If there is light,Tio2 is working.

we need to save water.This sign needed pressure washed once a year.Thirteen years no Pressure washing
Twenty Dollars in materials has saved thousands of gallons of water.  Not to mention money

This sign need pressure washing once a year

It has remained clean for thirteen years

Building Maintenance with no bleach

That's right. Only safe and less expensive titanium dioxide.

No pressure washing. Water saved, time saved, and it stays clean for years. I have some buildings that have been clean for seven years plus. Read about concrete sealer here

Now keep in mind that vertical surfaces stay clean probably twice as long. The reason for that is on a horizontal surface dirt and debris can settle on the titanium dioxide and requires a rinse off periodically. Vertical surfaces are virtually maintenance free.

If you want to save yourself tons of time and money titanium dioxide is the way to go.

Check out how TiO2 can save you money on HVAC or

Check this out to see how your restrooms can be odor free

TiO2 Cleans the air

As the process works it also breaks down nitrous oxides (auto exhaust) into harmless gases. Research has been done on this worldwide and the results are true.

It also sterilizes everything because of the constant hydrogen peroxide production. It is effective on killing mrsa, e coli, anthrax, h1n1 or virtually any bacteria or virus because hydrogen peroxide is actually more aggressive than bleach. See how titanium dioxide is used in hospitals. Hospitals are now being fined for their infection rates and titanium dioxide helps to greatly reduce the amount of hospital acquired infections.

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