Window Cleaners With
Titanium Dioxide

...Yes it's true.Window Cleaners that leave an invisible coating that makes it a self cleaning window. Your windows are probably one of the biggest hassles you have.Why not clean them fifty times less and enjoy more.

Through the science of Nano Technology self cleaning windows has become a reality that any one can afford.There are several large companys employing this technology.
How Does it work
Titanium- Dioxide when applied to the window surface produces a self cleaning surfaces. This is accomplished through photo catalytic reaction to the sun. What I have observed is the self cleaning windows stay cleaner about 265 days longer than untreated glass. It will not stop hard water from the sprinklers but everything else as far as dirt build up, it is effective.

Several of my customers have treated their windows as well with positive results. It does take rainfall and if not rainfall you must rinse them. The way to sell yourself is to treat half a window and leave the other half untreated. You will see the difference. I enjoy the effects, as the glass does stay so clean, so it gives me some time off and couldn't we all use that.

On ocean front properties they find that salt air does not attach and the rainfall cleans the windows.

Window Cleaners Technology

Since the 1930's in America we have used on same technology in this arena. Usually in one form or another Windex with ammonia or vinegar or some combination. Most people who use these cleaners continue to use them because they are unaware that there is now a choice.

Technology has come in every other form so why not in in this area.

The coatings industry is always improving and upgrading to address issues in our environment.

I know for sure that I have for the last nine years used a cleaner that contains titanium dioxide.

Not only do the windows pop but they stay cleaner way longer and are also sterilizing the window surface as well.

The technology in the coatings world has come a long way since our grandparents time but because we are so programmed to repeat patterns we keep doing the same things.

You have a smart phone right? You have a computer and hardly ever mail a letter through the mail. Why not upgrade your outlook on this area of your life.

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